6 Things To Know About Kickboxing Class You Wish You Did Before Starting


It took just one swing at it, and kickboxing class has already become one of my favorite classes. Kickboxing is a form of high-intensity interval training that touches calories thanks to the amount of cardio, while also building endurance, improving flexibility and coordination and increasing strength.

However, this is based on how much effort the participants puts into it. The more power behind their punch consecutively, the better results.

With so many fitness benefits, you might be considering trying a kickboxing class for yourself. And you should. Not only is it a great workout, it is fun, lets out aggression and is fast-paced so that the class tends to fly by.

But before heading out to your first class, there is some things you probably want to know so that you are prepared as to what you have gotten yourself into.

Here’s the 6 things you need to know about kickboxing class.

1. You might bleed

If you give it your all, your kickboxing class will take blood, sweat and tears from you. Okay, maybe not so much tears, but it will help to get out all your frustrations. And if you count sweat as being fat crying, well then there’s the tears part. And obviously you will sweat A LOT so bring a gym towel. However, those who are inexperienced might also get some bloody knuckles. This is because of both bad form—hitting the punching bag with the knuckles instead of a little down more in between the bend of the fingers—and poor quality boxing or MMA gloves.

It’s a good idea to bring your own pair of gloves, and wrap your knuckles first to add another layer of protection. Wraps are also a good way to protect the wrist.

2. Your arms become jello

My first class as amazingly intense, but it was my second class that really knocked my socks off—in a good way. With the proper equipment I was able to focus less on the pain from my knuckles becoming raw and more on my one, two punch. It wasn’t until after class that I noticed how my arms became like jello. Sore was an understatement here, but at least it meant I really worked out hard. And although it feels like I can lift nothing right now, and forget about picking things up in general, I am already proud of my (slightly) bulging biceps from flexing.

3. You need a good instructor

Being a newbie means it might take a few classes to master the proper form. I am lucky enough to have found a great instructor that goes over the moves with me and shows me how to do it correctly. Even though I am not so coordinated, I am already feeling like I am improving. Plus he pays an awesome playlist that makes powering through those burpees possible.

4. It’s a full body workout

Listen up, beginner. Kickboxing class is not just smacking the punching bag. It is a full body workout, so get ready to sit low into squats while jabbing and doing burps in between punches. Along with building arm muscles, you will be engaging your core, doing roundhouse kicks to work your hamstrings, and the list foes on and on. Be prepared to feel like you are doing to die—in the best way possible.

5. It’s okay to step away

The class might seem intimating for a beginner, especially if you don’t workout at all or often. It’s okay if you need to step aside and grab a drink of water. You shouldn’t actually be killing yourself here. There may also be times when you start dragging and have no power behind your punch. Just breathe, rest and get back at it with full force. Unlike strength training, kickboxing class is for everyone at any age because it’s all about what you put into it. You got this.

6. It’s A TKO

This is one hell of a workout, and chances are you will become addicted after day one. It’s the kind of class that you will come back for more. So gear up and get ready to get sweaty, fighting away negativity one punch at a time.


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