Running With Baby On Board: US Road Running Mother & Son 5K Race Review


I continued to run well into the third trimester of my pregnancy. And now with a 15 month old, running with a baby on board has a whole new meaning.

Today I ran my first 5k in long, long time. And if that wasn’t special enough, I did it with my son in tow.

After really finding myself back to running and trying all new types of fitness classes, I have never felt more in shape. Which is why I feel ready to enter the racing world again. And leading up to my first “real” 5k next month—which is stroller-friendly—I decided it’s time for a trial run.

If you have never done a virtual 5k, I’m here to tell you do it. In a virtual run, participants register (pay a small fee) and have a bib and most times a finisher medal mailed to them. They can then run that distance they signed up for any day, at any time and anywhere—even on the treadmill.

When looking for races to sign up for I came across US Road Running’s Mother & Son Race. And since I am planning on running with my son—and not to mention strive to be strong in every way possible for him—this was the perfect fit. Any runner also knows how enticing a good race bling is.

With the weather milder today (and 3 miles planned for the day anyway), it was the perfect opportunity to get that jogging stroller out for the first time.

I chose to run at Holmdel Park, but frankly underestimated the hill work that I was about to face. It took me two laps around the main circle to equal a mile, and switched up my direction mid-way. But no matter what there was no escaping the steep inclines. Even still I pushed through.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.41.31 PM

This was the first time running with my son, and he did great, taking in all the scenery like the barking dogs, children playing and brow, crispy leaves on the ground.

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to running with a jogging stroller, but was surprised to find how much my arms felt the burn. This could be because I was gripping on tight, but at least my triceps did get some work in. I was able to go one-handed as much as I could once I found my groove. And I really kept a good pace.

My first mile I really crushed it, looking at my Garmin to see I was at a 10 min/mi pace.I felt really good during this mile, noticing that the stroller helped me to run “tall,” having good running posture and engaging my core. I dug deep and really put my legs to work. By mile 2, I was loosing gas with the hills, but powered through. I got a bit discouraged at 2.5 mi. after seeing I was at 29 mins., and really wanted to finish as close to 30:30 as possible—which was my PR for a 5k in the past running history.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.41.39 PM

I refocused and reminded myself that I can killing it at these hills, and before I knew I had reached the end. I finished 3.12 miles at 38:23:4, with a 12:18 pace.


Overall, I know I gave this run my all and am proud of how hard I worked. However, I am a bit disappointed with my time. But this isn’t something that more training and determination can’t fix. Seeing a 12:18 pace isn’t so bad, considering when I had first started running a few years back, I was logging in at 12:45 min/mi. However, with a best of 9:45 min/mi it is a little hard to swallow the fact that I am still not where I want to be.

With the said, it still felt great to finish a 5k with my son instead of doing 3 miles on the treadmill. I hope that this is just the start of us running together.



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