6 Things To Know About Running With A Jogging Stroller


Being a mom further makes us push ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. That means being strong (both body and mind) so that we are able to chase after our little ones. And just because we had a baby doesn’t mean our relationship with running has to end. Investing in a good jogging stroller is an absolute must for any running mama.

Just be prepared for a new world of running now that we have precious cargo along for the ride.

Here are the 6 things you need to know about running with a jogging stroller.

1. You still need to run solo

Many expectant moms add the jogging stroller of their dreams on their baby registry. While this is a great way to get the stroller, you won’t be using it for some time. It’s recommended that you don’t take the baby out the jogging stroller until they are at least six months old, and/or has adequate neck strength to sit themselves up.

The age is actually a huge debate, with some running with their new additions as early as four months. Consumer Reports recommends waiting until they are 1-year-old. Consult you pediatrician first, as well as read the recommendations for usage for each specific stroller.

Since there is a bit of a wait, runners can get their wet feet back in the sport solo once cleared by their doctor after birth so they are prepared for taking baby along.

2. You need to practice

You absolutely need to know how to work your jogging stroller before taking it out for a spin the first time. Many feature a release button with some “shaking out” technique, but the last thing you won’t is to get to the park or track and realize you have no idea how to unfold the damn thing.


3. Your arms will kill

Practice is also needed for the pushing while running technique. Some hold the handle bars the entire time. Others hold with one hand and use the free hand to pump the arms. And then switch. Others do the push the stroller ahead and speed up to it technique. Find what works for you.

For runners (like myself) who like and are used to the movement of their arms, running with a jogging stroller will totally through off your form. It takes a run or two to get used to, but once you find a groove you can go one handed to use that one swinging arm to help pick up momentum.

But even though the arms aren’t actively pumping, you will still feel it in your triceps for sure. This is especially the case for those who tend to grip onto the handle bar tightly, and when going around bends.

Some experts say that using a jogging stroller while running is like a resistant workout. That means muscles will be engaged for sure.

4. You can’t go full speed ahead

Since it more work to push a child while running, it will be a challenge to go fast. Sprinting it out may also be harder for those worried about if baby is safe and comfortable in there. Never mind going uphill. Try to choose a flat course at first, or use your stroller days for recovery runs. Avoid bumpy roads to prevent shaking and rattling the little one.


5. You will have to stop

It is really hard to PR while using a running stroller. Not also are you pushing added weight, but you might also have to stop.. A LOT. It might give you peace of mind bringing baby for the run and not leaving them at home, but it will slow down the pace. They might drop their bottle or toy, might need a blanket readjustment, need to be reclined when they fall asleep, and on and on.

The good news is they will fall asleep thanks to the motion. Every single run I take my little guy on he falls asleep during. Sometimes it takes time and he is up for most of the ride, but sooner than later he is out and I can focus on myself.

6. You will feel like SuperMom

Running with baby in tow can be another bonding experience for mother and child. Leading by examples may get them passionate about living a healthy and fit lifestyle themselves. Might as well start ‘em young, right?

During the run, you will proudly pass others in the park and feel like superhero for really breaking sweat while pushing the monster truck of a stroller. And when you finish, you will feel super accomplished. Well worth the struggles of getting them in and out of the car (especially when bundled up).


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