ToeSox Full Toe Bellarina Grip Socks Review

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Putting our best foot forward when it comes to our health and fitness often means getting our toes wet in various classes or workouts. Just as a good running shoe is important to a runner, a good grip sock is the ultimate gear necessity for anyone who is taking up yoga, Pilates, Barre and other mat exercises. And your toes will be wiggling from happiness when you try on a pair of ToeSox Full Toe Bellarina Grip Socks for yourself.

Grip socks serve more than a sole purpose. Not only does it provide the traction needed to move into plank position without sliding and smacking right into the ground when the feet are sweaty, but it is also is a hygienic alternative to walking around the studio barefoot or being on the gym mat. The socks add a line of defense when it comes to germs, fungus and bacteria.

After doing research, I couldn’t wait to slip my toes into ToeSox grippers. With its high level of performance, the Bellarina Grip Socks are sticky and comfortable—all wrapped into a stylish package.

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The most important feature about this sock is its grip. The Bellarina has the company’s patented non-slip grip on its soles. This consists of tiny gripper dots that are even on the toes.

These are designed for barre, yoga, Pilates, dance classes and other barefoot activities. I decided to give these a spin in barre, finding that they are impressively sticky. I was able to relevé without worrying that my lack of balance would have me sliding around. In fact, the times where I had to tighten my muscles to center my body and stay balanced, I did not have to put my heels on the floor because of being able to dig into the balls of my feet thanks to the grip.

While these socks adhered to the floor well, it did so without restricting movement too much. This especially can in handy when doing ab work on the mat that required me to go from downward dog to plank position.

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However, it was when changing poses I did have to adjust the socks a bit to prevent my toes from falling out of their slots in this five toe design. The socks did start to slip off the ankle just a bit, but as a first timer, it didn’t hinder my performance in a major way. Rather, it called for some quick fixing—which gave me the second to study the instructor and make sure I was in the next move with the right form.


As a fluffy sock lover in the winter, I cannot express how comfortable these socks are. I couldn’t wait to put them on after feeling them, and once they were on I didn’t take them off—well after the workout. Made from mostly organic cotton, polyester and other fibers. The cotton makes it extremely soft. I found myself getting cozy on the couch with them to unwind before hitting the shower.

The socks have a raised heel tab that serves as padding for the ever so sensitive Achilles tendon. These socks also have a arch band for support. It does fit snug around the foot, yet not too tight.

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Best of all is its five toe design that allows the toes to spread. This also aids in its amount of traction, giving the feet a more natural feel. You will forget you are even wearing socks—that is after you get used to them. For those who are new to the five toe design, these will feel super awkward at first. But the consumer will quickly get used to the way they feel.


These socks also have an open foot design that add to its breathability factor to avoid sweaty feet. That along with the five toe design makes these socks fun to wear and show off. The Bellarina Grip Socks come in 36 different colors in prints, including Sugar Plum as pictured. These are stylish and have a color to match with just about any yoga outfit.



These socks fit true to size and feel great on the feet. It also has fitted heel to eliminate bunching and twisting. However, I did experience some twisting which did take my attention away from my workout, but this was only in a pose change or two and nothing that made me completely stop to fix.

I must also add it is sold for $18, which is the most I’ve even paid for a pair of socks. But I rationalized it as an investment into my health and wellness, and as a gear junkie, something I did really need for a new class. In its defense, it functions and performs well and I wish I had more than one pair.

Besides some minor adjustments, I am sold on these sock for three main reasons: it’s grip, level of comfort and style. These features give me every I need and more in a barre and yoga sock.


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