Not Stepping On A Scale Can Help You Lose Weight: Here’s How

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When looking to shed a few pounds and slim down, I found that the biggest demotivational thing is watching the numbers on the scale go up and down. In fact, I choose to NEVER step on the scale and actually have been seeing real results.

You are probably thinking how in the world does she know she is really losing weight when there are no numbers to prove it. But instead of focusing so much on numbers, I rather focus on feelings and fitness.

Paying attention to my diet lately, I have noticed how much better I feel. Now I am a woman that is all about in moderation and there are times when I indulge in cookies and milk or stop for fast food when I am starving and out for the day. But after eating that fast food I feel bloated, sluggish, overstuffed and overall bad.

When I eat a home cooked meal of grilled chicken with roasted butternut squash and broccoli (last night’s dinner), I feel good—like I just fueled my body with the right nutrients it needs to keep running (and to power through a run). I feel full without being stuffed, and good about making a healthy choice. That also means I don’t feel bad when I reach for a baked good or glass of wine.

I also pay attention to being “fit” in two ways. The first way, my level of fitness. I have been making sure to fit exercise in at least 3 times a week. Now this is not as much as I used to workout, but I make sure to hop on that treadmill and do some ab work, and then continue to be active throughout the week.

Now with an almost 1-year-old, this is easy. Things like helping him walk around the house and Gymboree class have me moving for most of the day. Then there’s things like enjoying swimming in the pool on warm days, going for strolls around the mall when shopping, cleaning the house and talking walks around the neighborhood.

But how I can really tell that I am becoming a bit leaner is how my clothes fit. Since I am already tall and a bit on the lanky side (no curves here), it’s always a challenge to find the perfect size across various clothing stores that is flattering. But I have been noticing lately just how loose my favorite sweatpants and certain workout clothes are getting. Jeans that were always a bit tight are now fitting in the right places and other pairs I must wear with a belt.

To me, picking up a smaller size in my clothes is a much bigger achievement than obsessing over numbers on a scale. Plus those who workout consistently might know that they might not be seeing the numbers they want since they are building muscle. The amount you weight depends on various factors. And getting on that scale frequently can be discouraging if you don’t like what you see, or make you get in a negative mindset that you must force yourself to get that number down—which can lead to an unhealthy way about doing so.

Instead of getting stuck on numbers, refocus to start each day with one healthy habit. This could be a glass of water to start the morning, apple cider vinegar detox drink, getting a workout in, cooking a healthy meal or meditation for 15 minutes. That should help snowball into more healthy choices, and ultimately help you stay on the path to living your best and healthiest life. Before you know, you too might start feeling lighter and better about yourself.

My suggestion would be to see how much you weight at the start of your lifestyle change and then get back on months down the line to see how far you’ve come.

So next time you are thinking about stepping on the scale, instead stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a compliment. Then put on that slim fit jeans and give yourself a moment to appreciate how awesome you are!

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