Natural Addicts Fruit Sticks Review: A Healthy, Yet Delicious Snack When On-The-Go This Summer

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During the summertime, we all try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And since many want to also keep up their health and fitness game and not slack on keeping their beach bodies, this often means getting physical with activities like hiking, biking, swimming or workouts with friends.

And since we are always on-the-go in the summer (not to mention often traveling, taking that road trip, or gone camping), it’s important to have healthy snacks on hand since hunger will hit hard after burning all those calories.

If you haven’t already tried them yet, check out Natural Addicts fruit snacks. These snacks are 100% made from fruit, and include no preservatives or added sugars—just sugar from fruit concentrate.

They come in resealable pouches that make it easy to snack healthy when on-the-go and wanting to save some for later. And each ouch contains one serving of fruit.

Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks come in three different flavors: Apple Mango Passion Fruit, Apple Raspberry, and Chocolate Covered Orange-Apple– SO delicious.

I recently tried all three varieties for myself to see just how well they do taste and if they were satisfying as a snack option.

***Disclaimer: I received Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks samples in return for an honest review.


I will break down what I thought about each flavor, but let me first start with what each option has in common.

Sizing Them Up

The fruit sticks are bite-sized, perfect for popping a few in your mouth when in need of a tiny snack to hold you over until mealtime. They are chewy, and thicker than other similar snacks like Simply Balances Fruit Strips or Stretch Island Fruit Strips. Just keep in mind that even though they are more meaty, these sticks are smaller in size.


Eating Them Up

Though small in statue, they are huge in flavor. They are surely sweet, and I find most them most satisfying when a sweet tooth craving hits. And with only 100 calories per pouch (the fruit & chocolate flavor has 110 calories), I didn’t feel guilty indulging in said cravings, especially when it came to the chocolate one.

They are also more filling that I thought they would be because it can be considered a small snack. There was one time where I only ate half the bag because I got full and took the rest with me to-go as I was out running errands. While I can easily eat the whole bag, once I do, I am pleasantly full for the time being, with the Chocolate Covered Orange-Apple– SO delicious being the most filling.

Healthy, Yet Delicious

There is no doubt that all three varieties are delicious, but I love that they have no preservatives, no artificial colors, are non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan (not the chocolate one, but vegetarian). And while they are 100 % made from nature, the Fruit Sticks are also a natural source of fiber. However, we are only taking 1-2 grams.

The Apple Mango and Apple Raspberry are the slightly healthier option since they don’t have dark chocolate, containing zero fat. However, they are no protein and are kind of high on the sugar with 19 grams each. Just keep in mind that this is only sugar from the fruit and fruit concentrate, so it’s a fair trade in my opinion.

Here’s how I would describe each flavor:

Apple Raspberry

This was the first variety I tried because I am a huge raspberry fan, and it did not disappoint. This quickly became my favorite, but you need to also be a fan of apple to likes this option. The raspberry flavor comes through, but the first bite is an apple-flavored explosion. And we are talking green apple, so expect this to be both sweet and tart. Apple Raspberry is my go-to when I am craving some candy, but trying to keep away from the Twizzlers or Sour Patch Kids.


Apple Mango Passion Fruit

Let me start by saying it’s quite interesting to say the least to combine apple and mango together. While I would’ve not thought to do so, the combo is actually a great mix. Again there is the tartness of a green apple, but this time it blends so well with the sweetness of the mango. It then ends off with a hint of passion fruit, but it seems like with this one the apple really overpowers the other flavors. This option reminds we over those candies in Willy Wonka that kept changing flavors—but you will not turn into a giant mango.

Chocolate covered Orange-Apple

This one was my least favorite of the three, but only because I prefer less healthy milk chocolate over dark chocolate. However, I did pick this one up when I was craving someone chocolatey, and to my delight it did the job. This option uses dark 70% cocoa, and is essentially a chocolate covered orange. The apple flavor doesn’t come through too strong, but the dark chocolate sure does. These are also shaped differently, more like a big Raisinette.

Last Bite


Overall, these are the perfect snacks when needing something sugary sweet, but don’t want all the added junk that is found in other gummies or candies. It’s super convenient for traveling or post-workout, and I threw some in my diaper bag to keep when in need of something to much on. I will surely buy more!


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