DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea Using Baby Handprints And Footprints

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Father’s Day is just a few days away, but you might still be wondering what you will give as a gift on behalf of your little ones. While you might be thinking the gift(s) of your children is enough as the panic sets in that Sunday will be here before you know it and you are empty-handed, there is still plenty of time to pull off a great surprise.

Sure you could pick up a world’s greatest dad mug or new tie, but if your man is anything like mine, then chances are he doesn’t need any one of these. I’m a fan of crafting gifts since they are more personal and come from the heart. Plus you won’t have to spend a lot of money, perfect when on a budget and can make it a fun activity to do with the kids.

I have been obsessed with using an ink pad on my little guy to stamp his hands and feet to remember just how tiny he is. I do this in his baby book I am filling in over the months, as well as doing it to sign cards given to family members as a cute way to add his signature.

Perfect for new dads, creating a Father’s Day gift using your baby’s hand and/or foot prints is an adorable idea that is perfect since your little ones are still too little to present them with some fancy present. Best part is that it will be keepsake.

Here’s What You Need

Depending on what you are making, all you really need is a safe for baby ink pad kit, construction paper and markers.

I am a huge fan of Pearled Newborn Handprint or Footprint “Clean-Touch” Ink Pad. This is sold at BabiesRUs for $9.99 (currently on sale for $5.99), and is awesome because it makes no mess. Ink doesn’t get on the baby; instead, you place the hand or foot on the clean side and press down to stamp the paper.

I now use another “Inkless Touch” option from Amazon that includes three extra-large ink pads to accommodate hands/feet up to 4.8″ long × 3″ wide now that my son has outgrown the size of the newborn one, which I am excited to try.

However, you might instead want just the baby safe ink without the pad, with another non-toxic ink option I just purchased from Amazon here.

Once you have your ink, you can start crafting. Here’s the best DIY hand or footprint ideas to make for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Baseball

If dad loves baseball, then this the perfect (and simply) craft to make.

All you need is a baseball and the ink pad. Just get that hand covered in ink and have the baby stamp the ball. You can read a full tutorial here.

I opted to get my baseball from Etsy seller DignifiedWalrus which features the cute saying “love you to the park and back.” Since you won’t have time to get your ball from her in time, you can always add your own cute quote or opt to keep it plain.



Father’s Day Footprint Poem

The blog Crafty Morning shared a sweet poem that is perfect for Father’s Day. It reads: “Daddy, I have made prints of my little feet/so you can remember when I was so small and sweet./I will grow as the years go past/but my love for you will always last.”


Download the PDF of the poem, print it out and then stamp on your baby’s footprints. I suggest farming it so that it can go on his desk at work or at home.

Tho who want to include handprints as well can copy this idea below.


Father’s Day Handprint Fish

Those dads who enjoying fishing will be hooked on how cute this card is. Allow older kids to press their hand in bright-colored paint onto white card stock, or opt to use construction paper or the baby ink pad to create handprints. Add text, “Hooked on you Dad. Happy Father’s Day” on the top of colored paper. Glue on blue paper on the bottom for the water and then the handprints on the blue. Draw on eyes and a mouth under the thumb to create his face and draw on or use the print out of a fishing pile. Add yarn for the fishing string.


Read the full tutorial at A Little Pinch of Perfect here.

Handprint For The Golf-Loving Dad

This DIY gift is perfect for dads who love to golf, as well as a more suitable option for slightly older kids like toddlers. All you have to do is trace their handprints on green construction paper (or if they are old enough, have them do it themselves) and cut it out.


You will need a golf tee and a foam ball in white, along with some tape or glue as well as a card stock of paper cut in half. Glue on hands and cut the goal ball in half and glue on as if a gold ball. Write the corny, but clever saying, You are the best dad by par!”

Read the full tutorial also provided by Crafty Morning here.

Walking In His Shoes

I came across this touching idea on Pinterest. Steal his shoes to create footprints on a large white paper like poster board. Then choose any color paint to have the baby’s footprint go inside his big footprint. This is a great idea for siblings to show off the difference sizes. Add the text, “Waking in our heroes shoes…” and include their name and age.


Will you be helping your kids create a Father’s Day gift? What are you making? Let me know in the comments below.


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