KISS imPRESS Gel Manicure Review: The Best Nails For The Busy (And Lazy) Girl

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My love for all things nails started in sixth grade, back in the days of boy bands, crimp hair and glitter jeans, when I started using press on nails. We are talking those cheap sets sold in drug stores that made you keep your fingers stretched out all stiff and you had to use your hands very carefully because grabbing something too hard or fast could result in one of them popping right and being flung from the finger.

Of course my mom then allowed me to finally just use the french manicure tip sets with the glue before then graduating to getting the real acrylic tips at the nail salon in which I did for years. Keeping up with the trend then meant gel manicures, back to tips for almond-shaped nails,back to gel and of course don’t all the Pinterest-inspired designs.

But now a busy mom, I have come to realize that my days pampering myself at the nail place are few are far in between. And although I have the tools and skills to give myself a decent manicure at home myself, it seems like every time my nails are done and ready to dry my baby starts crying.

That’s why I am so happy I came across the gel manicure press on sets from KISS.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.07.38 AM

And yes, I really mean I really liked press on nails in the year 2017 as a grown and trendy woman.

Just hear me out on this one, ladies.

For an upcoming weekend out and about—a first in a long time—I knew I desperately wanted cute and accented nails, but didn’t have the time or patience to go to a nail place or do at home. So I remember using “nail polish” that was actually stickers with patterns and designs that were applied directly to the nails a few years back.

So I strolled into Harmon Discount store to scope the scene and see if I could find something that would quick and easy. To my delight I saw lots of cute options from the KISS imPRESS press-on manicure line.

We are talking squiggly lines, hearts, dots, stripes, and colors like turquoise, dusty pink, coral, black matte and white, and even oval shapes.

While the designs are what caught my eyes, it was the words “one-step gel” that caused me to pick the pack up. That’s when I realized these weren’t stickers or some other gel kit or accessory that might need UV lights—they were press on nails.

Now you might be rolling your eyes now just thinking about an adult consciously deciding to buy press ons, but seriously this has been one of the best beauty products I bought in a long time.

Here’s why: I got a stylish, salon look a like gel manicure in under 5 minutes for a fraction of the cost.

These “stick ons” are easy to use, strong and built to last, and best of all has zero drying time. There’s not even glue! (Which totally made me not feel like I was back in the sixth grade again.)

Here’s how to use these nails:

Find Your Size

Open the package and find the right size “nails” for each finger by matching them up against each nail on each finger. Place these in order from thumb to pinky so you know which is next to apply. A helpful hint is if you can’t find the exact size, go for the smaller of two option sizes for the better fit.


The kit comes with a Prep Pad that cleans the nail. Apply the pad to each nail, and then start apply stickers.

Apply Nails

The most important rule to follow is to make sure the tab of the sticker is aligned with your cuticle. Peel off the clear backing of the sticker and apply the nail (tab to cuticle!) firmly. Press down hard, focusing on the middle and the sides. It’s best to apply the thumb last.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.40.52 PM.png

The kit also comes with a file to get rid of any awkward edges with the shape or to make shorter.

And just like that your nails are done in under five minutes (I gave myself a complete manicure before application by filing nails, cutting cuticles, buffing so it took a few minutes more).

How It Works

Between the style and quality of KISS’s product, I realized that press on nails have come a long way. My first reaction was these were fragile and I would have to be careful not to break a nail, but I quickly got rid of stiff hands and was able to carry on as usual.

KISS imPRESS nails features  “breakthrough technology” to ensure that the nails are secure attached to prevent an embarrassing pop off. The sticky side of the nail features the company’s patented “super hold adhesive with dual-layer technology.”

In plain English, the resin sticky stuff is made to be durable, yet comfortable to wear since it both sticks to the nail and your nail. This also means that taking them off is super easy. Just lift up a corner or use the cuticle tool and gently pull off.

How Long Does It Last?

I think that the more you wash or get your hands wet, the more likely the adhesive will start to lose its stick. I did have my pointer come off a day after application, but I also don’t think I applied it so firmly. The pack comes with 24 color nails and 6 accent nails in each kit, so there is plenty for a replacement or to wear again.

Besides that one nail, the rest lasted for close to a week (5 days) before I just started pulling them off to see how it feels to take them off—which is painless as pulling off a sticker.

Final Thoughts

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.05.24 AM

For a quick manicure when need your nails done ASAP or for an event that you didn’t have time to go to the nail salon, then this product is totally worth it. Sold for just $7.99 (I got mine for $5.99), you really can’t go wrong and it will be worth every penny.

There are many different accent nails and color options, and I even saw designs similar to those I requested my nail technician to recreate from what I saw on Instagram.

They last just as long as a regular manicure, and they looks so natural, it’s like you have nail polish on. This means that if one does fall off, it doesn’t look weird at all.

The best part is there is no glue needed and it’s so easy to apply, you could actually put them on when on-the-go.

If press on nails are making a come back, I’m not mad at it at all.


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