Mother’s Day From A First Time Mommy: Thank You, Son


I wouldn’t be the woman and mother I am today without being raised by such a strong, fearless and selfless mother that I am blessed to have.

I always look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day because any day that I can honor how amazing and special my momma is—to me—a great (and well deserved) day.

But besides celebrating my Mom, Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning and significance to me since I have joined the mommy club.

I can’t believe that last year on this day I was pregnant, my beany, well, still just a bean.

Technically speaking, I think mommys-to-be should be included in Mother’s Day because as many mothers will tell you, they start to feel like one during their pregnancy. However, it was officially my first Mother’s Day on Sunday.

This time last year I remember wondering what I would be like as a mom and what my little one would be like.

How would he feel as I hold him in my arms? Would it feel like my heart was growing warm with love with just feeling the warmth of him being close to my chest?

What would he look like and who would he be like?

A year later and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Feeling his touch and the way he loves to hold hands, the way he smells after doing his happy splash dance in the bath, the way he looks at me and smiles as if I am the thing in his life that gives him the most joy are all things that are forever imprinted in my mind as well as my heart.


Or how my entire being, down deep into my soul and every inch, nook and cranny of my beating heart would be pumped and flowing with the purest form of love instantly when my eyes laid upon him for the first time as the doctor held him up like a prize.

At that moment nothing mattered more than having him safe, a feeling that will never go away for as long as I shall live.

My beany might not be able to say “I love you, Mom” just yet, but I feel it every day from this perfect little human that we created.

In the future Mother’s Days to come I am sure I will get lots of hugs, kisses and handmade art projects of presents. But this year I want to turn the tables and instead thank my son for allowing me to take on the role as a mother and for showing me unconditional love.


I may have a lot to learn about motherhood, but in his eyes I can do no wrong.

So on this Mother’s Day, I write to you, my son:

A Mother’s Love

I loved you before you were born,

before I could feel you kick

stronger than the butterflies of excitement

of finally having you in my arms.

Before you could give me a big gummy grin

as your face lights up when you smile big,

So big that your eyes start to close

when I cradle you close and speak secrets to you.

I loved you back when you were just a thought, just a wish.

Better yet a dream that I didn’t know would really exist.

But once you arrived I learned a new deeper meaning of love,

And you changed my whole life for the better after just meeting once.

Now every day spent with you is an adventure, the greatest journey

You are a part of me, but still your own.

Watching you learn, play, and grow has given me the most pleasure.

From the second I heard your first cry I promised you

I would help dry all the ones that follow.

I will be your teacher, protector and will always love you

As the man you will one day become,

For there is no greater bond than that of a mother and her son.



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