Finding Your Soul At SoulCycle


It might be rest day for some, but Sunday was all about working up a sweat for me.

After taking my first SoulCycle class and loving the experience, I am committing myself to take at least one class per month. So taking my SoulCycling obsessed sister (seriously she goes 5 times a week), we reserved bikes for an Adele vs. Ed Sheehan themed class that exceeded my expectations.

While my first class had an amazing soundtrack with hip hop vibes to get us moving to the beat, I’ve been wanting to do a vs. music class since hearing about how awesome Jay Z vs. Beyonce was (at the Brooklyn location attended by of course, my sister).

And Adele got us pedaling our hearts out exactly the way I had hoped for.

The Set Up

Since I was no longer a first timer, I felt much more confident riding. Beforehand, I adjusted my bike with some help from my seasoned sister and was actually able to clip my shoes onto the pedals without a problem (although I still can’t take them off in the end).

This time our bikes were to the side right next to the mirror, perfect for just focusing on my own ride and not those around me. I learned that each bike is different, so focus more on turning the resistance and going with the beat than just riding fast.

The lights were dim, candles lit and our instructor started spinning those good vibes jams.

How The Class Went

And so we were off, starting our warm up strong and steady with the sweat already starting to surface. Now these artists songs were mixed to have a more dance, uptempo beat, making them the perfect choices to spin and sing along to.

There was the familiar sense of what was to come, the class including the warm up, cycling with mixes of going to first, third, pushing your butt back, push ups, etc., an intense hill climb, the decent, arm portion, some more cycling then cool down and stretching.

Our instructor Valentine really pushed us, loving the push up and then push your hips back to have your butt hover over the seat move. I feel like she focused a lot more of having us engage our core and glutes.

With Ed Sheeran singing how much he’s in love with the shape of me, it was hard not to put that butt to work.

And her arm workout rocked with lots of boxing punches that had my arms feel the burn, but my newfound strength never had me quit and take a small break.

Same goes for riding in general. There was a time or two during my first class were I need to sit and drink water. This time, I didn’t need to sit at all, but of course ALWAYS bring water to these classes. You will need it.


How The Class Felt

It probably had a lot to do with my form and having a better handle on the moves, but I felt like this class I was much more coordinated and my abs and arms were WAY more engaged throughout the entire class and not just when the instructor reminded us.

I could do all the push ups on cue in sync to the instructor without loosing my momentum this time around, my triceps hurting so good pretty much the entire class.

I feel like I was drenched in sweat more than the first time if that is even possible. I also wasn’t scared to keep turning my knob to the right and really put in the work when it came to the resistance. My legs really felt it for sure.

Physically I felt stronger than even, feeling like I am getting better at this class each time boosting my confidence too. Emotionally, these classes hit home hard. Maybe it’s all my post-baby hormones or just the surge of endorphins, but at the end of the class, I always get emotional.

Adele was perfect for this cool down portion.

Eyes closed, singing along, we pedaled on and rode our hearts out. Our instructor said something about heartbreak and getting through it and it was so motivational that in the moment, even I was deeply moved in this moment even though it had nothing to do with my life. Somehow she was talking to us all and we all could relate.

I felt refreshed mind, body and soul after, it feeling like I released all the toxins both physically and mentally from my body.

SoulCycle really makes you dig down deep within your self, where you find you can push harder and that the hard work pays off. There is no way you won’t walk out that class ready to tackle the day with a smile on your face.

I realized its a lifestyle, and those really looking for a change or a push can really can find more than a fit body and stress free mind at SoulCycle—it’s the type of workout that can really touch your soul.


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