How A 5K Can Make Your Day

A good workout has a magical way about it that instantly elevates your mood. And this couldn’t ring more true than when talking about running.

Sometimes runners are lucky enough to experience that high, as if you took a bite out of that mushroom, all your problems shrinking away, your happiness growing.

No matter how hard it is to get through, once you get done with that run you will feel better. And that’s even if you are having a good day—it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Even if you are a newbie to the fitness game, going for a 5k around your house has the power to make you feel like superman—or woman—for the rest of the day. It might sound like a lot to some, but 3.1 miles it’s the perfect distance for runners looking just to get a workout it, improve their time, or just get out and enjoy the act (and art) of running.

With the sun shining down, it felt more like a taste of spring than mid-winter for today’s run. It was as if all the stars aligned for this run. I was in the mood to get moving, and felt good and strong with each stride. It was the kind of day where you feel free while in motion, never wanting to stop. Even when you start to get tired, a burst of energy comes and you pound the pavement harder. You feel alive.

And then you wind down, get back home and take a shower. But that feel good feeling still lingers all over you, like a mistress’ scent you can’t seem to wash away.

After finishing your around the home 5k, you are more likely to want to be productive when it comes to work or home related tasks. Plus your clear mind helps with focus.

You probably will also want to continue the healthy habits like eating lean and clean.

Not to mention, after finishing a 5k on a typical Tuesday, you know you got it in the bag for your next 5k race or fun run.


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