Fun New Jersey 5K Races: Sign Up For Night Nation Run

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Fun runs are a great way to stay motivated to keep up with fitness goals. And like the name suggests, are a really fun way to celebrate living a healthy lifestyle.

What is a fun run? They are 5ks that are not focused of the racing aspect of running, but rather on enjoying the run thanks to its creative course that may or may not include obstacles.

They include the popular Color Run, Electric Run, Foam 5k, and Zombie 5ks.

Expect to get a T-shirt, race medal and other cool freebies as part of many of the race packets for these fun runs.

Those looking for a fun 5k to run or walk to should check out the Night Nation Run, which is coming to New Jersey on May 13.

This is a great type of race to do with friends and family since after the 5k there is a dance party with EDM music spun by DJs.

While I haven’t done this exact race, I did the Electric Run which is similar, so I can say that these kind of runs are F.U.N. You will forget you are running an easy 3.1 miles because everyone is so pumped while listening to the live DJs along the course as they take in all the light displays along the way.

It’s all about getting to the end to start dancing away by the main stage location. This makes it more like a fit music festival than a race.

I’m happy that this is the first 5k race I registered for (so far) this year!

Those looking to join me and register for this fun run in NJ can do so by clicking this link here!!!

Hurry and do so before 12 a.m. tonight to get the early bird race entry price of $29.99 (plus processing fee). The Night Nation Run has dates coming this spring all around the U.S.



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