5 Ways To Cure A Hangover In Your Late 20s

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No matter how young you are at heart, there comes a time when we all realize that our bodies can no longer hang.

It might’ve easy to gulp down shot after shot, then magically shake the hangover the next morning after a bacon, egg and cheese and some Gatorade in our early 20s. Then all of a sudden we have a few glasses of wine at dinner and the next day we feel like the ultimate death as a hangover seems to linger for two days.

Welcome to your late 20s.

It’s a time where you no longer are into the club scene, but still hit up the local bar with friends from time to time. I mean you are getting older, but not aren’t dead yet. There are still times you like to hold onto your youth, partying it up and drinking ‘em down.

It’s a time where you still want mimosas at brunch, but no longer are out for drinks on Friday night and Saturday night before that brunch on Sunday. That’s because the older you get, the less your body breaks down alcohol the way it used to.

Plus, the less you drink the lower tolerance you have. This means if may have a few more than you can handle or that even two drinks can cause a major headache the next day.

But speaking of mimosa, the hair of the dog, or having a drink the following morning is a great way to put a pause on that pounding headache.

That’s just one hangover cure relevant at any age. Here are more tips to surviving a hangover in your late 20s.

Drink A Lot

…of water, that is. The secret to out smarting a hangover is to drink water before, during and after your boozing session. Since alcohol dehydrates the body, you need to H2O to replenish and be able to feel refreshed the next day. Even if you forget to sip in between drinks, make sure you at least have a glass or two before bed.

And Then Shower

Taking a shower after a night at the bar might just be best idea you ever had. The cool water will wake you up and snap you out of your drunken state of mind so that you feel refreshed and ready for a good nights sleep. While you might want to be careful if you are over the tipsy line to prevent falling or having an accident, you will thank yourself the next morning when your makeup is washed off and you don’t smell like a frat house.

Eat Right

While a greasy breakfast might’ve been just what the doctor ordered when we are teens, it’s not what you should reach for the next morning in your late 20s. Your waist will thank me later.

Not only does a slower metabolism mean you will pay for not working out after, but greasy meals can give you heartburn, which means you can feel a whole lot worse.

Pop Pills

The good kinds, of course. A great tip is to pop a Vitamin B12 supplement before you head out for drinks. This vitamin helps break down alcohol, which will come in handy if you wind up drinking more than you plan.

Also take an ibuprofen (not Tylenol or other acetaminophen)  the second you wake up. By the time you had your coffee, it will kick in a relieve the pains from the night before.

Sleep it Off

Regardless of how hard you try to prevent a monster hangover, sometimes it’s unavoidable. What you really need is to just rest and sleep it off. That means if you plan on partying hard you might want to do it on a Friday or Saturday night when you have no responsibilities the next day like work. Instead take a day to stay in bed with Netflix.


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