Birthday Workout With Baby

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A workout, a workout buddy and tasty beverage.

These are some of my favorite things, so it’s exactly how I wanted and what I wanted to celebrate my birthday with.

I figured the best way to celebrate another year on this planet is to do something that would be good for my mind, body and soul. And a workout—no matter the day—does exactly that.

Even though I really wanted to get a run in, I opted for a brisk walk with my little one—going the perfect speed to slightly work up a sweat while going up the many inclines in my neighborhood, while being slow enough to enjoy my favorite drink: an iced caramel latte with almond milk.

And of course I wanted to spend every second with my mini me.

During our 45 minutes outside, the fresh air seemed to intoxicate us both—baby swiftly drifting off, drunk with slumber; myself feeling rejuvenated and full of life with each inhale.

With exhales, I breathed out the toxins in the form of any stress that was built up.

I was mindful of my muscles, imaginary fingers from within pulling deeper into my belly to tighten my core as my lean legs made long strides up and down blocks lined with homes, but with no one home.

I reflected on all the many blessings I have, looking down on that adorable face. My heart smiled.

Life is truly good.

I am so grateful to be living, to be alive and to feel complete because of his existence. Here’s to another year of great health and more happiness.


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