Sophie The Giraffe Could Be Full Of Mold: How To Clean The Teether

Here’s the proper way to clean Sophie the Giraffe, the popular teething toy for babies.

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Ask any parent and Sophie the Giraffe is probably on the list of their baby’s favorite toys and teethers. The beloved giraffe has quite a few health benefits for baby, but it also now poses a serious health risk thanks to reports that the toy becomes full of mold.

According to a report from Good Housekeeping, parents are finding and reporting mold growing inside Sophie the Giraffe.

The discovery was first spotted by a pediatric dentist who noticed a musty smell coming from her child’s Sophie. The mother decided to cut open its legs to investigate where the smell was coming from. That’s when she found mold living in the baby chew toy.


And this is not an isolated incident. Other people are sharing their stories and photos of their children’s Sophies also full of mold.

Keep in mind that since Sophie is made from 100 % natural rubber, she needs to be cleaned according to the directions. While the mother claimed that she did clean the teether as instructed, you don’t have to rush to throw the $20 toy.

How To Clean The Teether

Mold needs moisture in order to grow. And if you take a look at the back of Sophie, you will notice a small hole. As your child chews, sucks and slobbers on the giraffe, saliva could very well get inside.

Make sure you read the leaflet directions that come with Sophie and closely follow them to clean her properly.

Those who don’t have these directions on hand read below:

The best way to clean Sophie the Giraffe is to lightly wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water. Please do not submerge Sophie as the water  can affect the squeaker. This recommendation is also indicated on the packaging of each product.

Do not put Sophie in a microwave, steam sterilizer, dishwasher or in boiling water.

Health Benefits Of Sophie The Giraffe

Potentially finding mold in the popular teether is enough to make you want to trash the toy, but Sophie does have many positive health benefits.

Sophie the Giraffe triggers physiological and emotional response from baby.The dark spots on her are beneficial for baby’s sight, making her easily recognizable. She is flexible and safe to put in baby’s mouth, perfect for when teething starts. Plus, she doesn’t taste bad for baby!

Her rubber skin also makes her easy to hold either by her neck or long legs, perfect for newborns. Press on her and Sophie squeaks, which helps develop cause and effect for baby and stimulates hearing.

Just make sure when your baby starts putting Sophie in his or her mouth that you carefully clean her, avoiding putting her in water and absolutely not throwing her in the dishwasher for a quick clean.


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