Bouncing Back Post Baby: Beginners Luck

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I need to start off saying that my intentions in this post is not to brag. We have all seen those insanely fit women on Instagram who still mange to hold onto their six pack and toned arms while preggo, while we all wish that could be us.

I was in fairly decent shape before getting pregnant, having a slim figure that wore nicely on my tall frame. I was running and weight lifting often, although this was not as often as I was in the past.

When I found out the news, I continued to go for jogs up until I was 8 months and even managed to do some weights early on, despite this only happening twice.

I also made to sure to eat a healthy diet, full of things I love to eat like spinach salads and cantaloupe. A vegetarian (or rather pesccatarian—but fish consumption was a rare occurrence) for two years before baby, I then began eating steak, beef tacos and the occasional chicken (which was a major turn off).

Of course I indulged in all my cravings like ice cream shakes and by month 9 Burger King and McDonald’s, but with all this said I was fortunate enough to be all belly— and it be a small belly at that.

Part of me always hoped that I would be like those rock star women running half marathons with a baby bump, but part of me also wanted to actually look like I was in my third trimester. While having a big ole belly was something I missed out on, many people told me to be careful what I wished for. I certainly didn’t look like those fit women on Instagram carry who still look like Wonder Woman, but it seems like I really did luck out.

Despite gaining 32 pounds during my pregnancy, bouncing back thus far (am currently 15 days postpartum) has been relatively easy.

Even as the doctors put this not so Humpty Dumpty back together again on the table after my c-section, I was told that my stomach looked so flat. Visiting my doc for my post-op visit todays ago resulted in him telling me that I don’t even look like I had a baby.


At this point in time, I lost 12 pounds, which sounds like a lot to drop right away but not so much considering that my son was born 6 lbs. 8 oz, plus the placenta and extra blood and water weight from the IV.

Sure my tummy is a bit squishy, but I surely did luck out again when it comes to bouncing back. Thank you very much breastfeeding. This just goes to show how much it paid off to be healthy and fit before baby and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout. Then again, there are plenty of women who do just that and feel like they blowed up during pregnancy and struggle with losing the weight after.

The fact of the matter is every body is different. What matters is getting back in the swing of things again and get active, even though we are  sleep deprived zombies half the time.

Now that my little man has arrived all I want to do is go for a jog or do some kind of workout. Then again, since I can’t for a few more weeks this might just be all talk right now.

While I am currently feeling motivated to tone back up, remembering to watch out when reaching for junk food as been a struggle. I have been living off of microwaveable meals for the sake of convenience and when I do cook it’s just heating up some frozen dish on the stove. I am still reaching for the occasional chips and dip or chocolate snack, but hey, all in moderation right?

Interestingly enough, because my son has been a bit gasy our pediatrician advised me to cut green vegetables from my diet. Cut greens?!! I try to eat as much greens as possible, so this has been a struggle. While I scale back, I do realize that this news might be music to some people’s ears. However, a healthy mommy means she will be able to care for baby, so it’s my goal to stay on track to living a healthy lifestyle as much as I can.

For me, bouncing back thus far has been relatively easy due to luck, my good genes, pre-baby health, or whatever factors the gods blessed me with this time around. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have to work at getting to where I want to be. No matter how much you gained during pregnancy and no matter how you look now, we can all start today kick our health back into gear by setting healthy habits now.

Here are my current habits to health:

  1. Drink more water— I keep a 32 oz water bottle on my nightstand to stay hydrated all day long (which is also key for establishing a milk supply when breastfeeding).
  2. Get enough sleep— This has been a struggle, but since we are supplement feeding, my husband takes over bottle duty in the evening so I can nap before my mommy overnight shift of breastfeeding.
  3. Go for a walk— My doctor just cleared me for going for a short walk. I have yet to do this, but will start next week going around the block for a stroll.

What are your current heathy habits you set in place immediately after giving birth?


Photo: Joe Shlabotnik


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