New beginnings

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There is nothing like fleshing out ideas as words appear on a blank page. Words that show action, emotion and describe to tell stories.

There is also nothing better than a fresh start.

And a new beginning can be applied to just about any aspect of your life. Maybe you are coping with a loss or a breakup. Maybe you are about to get married or have a baby. Maybe you are starting a new job or moving to a new city. But starting over doesn’t have to be in relation to some major life changing event. It could be applied to some smaller aspect of your life that ultimately lets you change for the better. For example, getting back to healthy eating habits after a few days of poor choices. Or getting back to exercising after taking some time off.

Many of the things described above can apply personally to me, and this got the wheels in my head turning. A new beginning also applies very much so to this blog, which has been my baby for years now. Unfortunately, I became so consumed in other ventures (namely, my day job) to show it the love it needed and over time put it on the back burner.

But now with new experiences serving as a driving force of inspiration, I have found my way back home.

I am so happy to return to running this site, and will continue to share my life experiences, give health and fitness advice (from just an ordinary woman figuring it all out like the rest of you), but also want to expand my scope to include more topics like parenting, relationships, beauty, etc.

And with this new direction, I decided it’s time to rebrand and change the name of this blog to better suit its new debut. No longer will this be NY Life Supply, and instead this is Bouncing Back…to LIFE.

Whether it’s bouncing back from a baby, a breakup, a wild weekend, or getting back on track with a diet or fitness plan, Bouncing Back has the tips to help, the stories to inspire you, the news to keep you informed and the trends to keep you in-the-know.

I welcome you all on this new adventure with me!



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