What Is Baobab? Biokidé Founder Talks About The Latest Superfood

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We have seen lots of nutrition trends in the past few years. One of the hottest health crazes is the rise of the superfood.

Superfood is a term used to describe food that are packed with health benefits such as preventing disease such as heart disease, and are packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Some of the more popular ones that have made headlines in the past years are blueberries, sweet potatoes, kale, quinoa and chai seeds.

But the latest superfood may be a fruit that you may not have heard about: baobab.

So what is baobab? We spoke to Fatimata Kane, the women behind Biokidé, which offers organic and natural products that include the the baobab fruit.

Baobab (pronounced bey-oh-bab) is a fruit from the Adansonia Digitata tree that comes from Africa. The baobab fruit “looks like a large hull with with seeds” Kane says, and has a “tart taste, like a lemon sorbet.” It resembles a coconut with its hard shell and inside has white fruits that look like marshmallows and is powdery.

Photo:  belgianchocolate/Flickr
Photo: belgianchocolate/Flickr

The fruit has been used for centuries for medicinal purposed in Africa to treat malaria, fevers and even gastric complication. It has seven times more vitamins C than an orange and 10 times more calcium than Milk. It is packed with antioxidants, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and lots of vitamin B.

“Baobab fruit reduces stress and provides vitality to the body,” Kane says.

The FDA approved the use of exotic fruit in foods and drink as well as dried fruit powder in the fall of 2009, but still many don’t know much about the superfood.

Kane launched her company Biokidé back in 2010 to promote the African culture and using her brand to put the spotlight on the health benefits of the fruit.

Customers can purchase baobab teas, oils, and powders, as well as beauty products like soaps and lip balms since the oil is a great moisturizer for hair and the body.

Baume_a_Levre_copy_copy_largeThose who want to use baobab powder should mix two teaspoons of the powder into a class of water, milk or yogurt once a day.

Baobab_large“Most of the ingredients in my products are organic and a little part are natural. Moreover, all the products are chosen through rigorous process,” says Kane. “The organics products are more respectful for the hair and the skin. So, our customers are more protected from bad effects on their hair or on their skin.”

Biokidé  was an official sponsor of of 2012 Africa Fashion Week, which allowed Kane to travel to New York.

“It was amazing. Passionate about fashion, this event allowed me to highlight the products in the range Biokidé. In addition, it allowed me to let me know in New York,” Kane says.

All of the Biokidé  products are available to be shipped to the U.S. and Canada.


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