Nike Partners Up With Garmin And Expands Running Family

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As a tech savvy runner, I am also looking out for apps to help track my runs. I am a devoted MapMyRun user, but all use Nike + along with my FuelBand.

After receiving a Garmin for Christmas, it has quickly replaced my FuelBand, although I have tried many other wearables in the meantime (my full-time job is at a tech company!)

Now Nike is making it easier for runners to seamless track their workouts by partnering up with more running family partners.

Nike + is expanding its running community with partnering with Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpluse.

The partnership allows runners to have more choices when tracking there runs—all while syncing to Nike +. “These partnerships mean that whenever and however you run, the Nike + community with be with you for the ride,” Nike said in a promotional email.

All you have to do is open the Settings in the main navigation in your Nike + Running app and select “Partners” to sync your runs from any Garmin or TomTom device, along with your rate rate data on Wahoo or your treadmill runs on Netpulse.

Other updates to Nike + Runing include a redesign that allows you to read your runs easier. You ail be able to see your music, maps and use your camera_all from the interface.

Nike also said that Nike + will be accessible on the Apple Watch in the near future.

Nike’s NikeLab will also release new sportswear next week in a collabo with Japanese fashion company sacai.

The campaign features model Binx Walton in some seriously cool action shots. The collection includes running jackets, skirts, half fishnet tights, and futuristic looking sneakers.

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

“The garments come to life as the wearer moves, expressing both beauty and strength. We feel it’s a perfect marriage between sport and style,” says Kurt Parker, VP/Creative Director, Nike Sportswear.

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

The eight-piece collection includes vibrant colors, perfect for spring runs.

So you use Nike + Running? How do you track your runs?


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