Running When You Don’t Want To Is Still Rewarding

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Running is so rewarding, even when we aren’t running. It gives you a boost of confidence, increasing your self-esteem, improves your health and revs up your metabolism—rungry anyone?

One of the things I have learned from running is accountability. When I have a scheduled run, I make sure that I get out there and get it done. That means even on the days I really don’t want to, like today,

Now I tend to miss a scheduled run part of my half marathon training every once in a while, or I switch days on and off around when necessary, but for the most part my runs are consistent. I always hold myself accountable. If I say I am going to do something, I will, even if it’s just a promise to myself.

Sometimes we just need that extra push, so I was so happy that I tweeted about my running plans because when I felt like giving up today, I thought about what I said out there to the Twitterverse and felt like I had to keep my word. It also helped that More/ Fitness half account tweeted me! I felt like I had to hold up my end and stick to my word. And I’m so happy I did.

But I wasn’t so happy while running. Last night I went with my boyfriend and his friends to my first ever wrestling show in Philadelphia. It really had a great time, and really drank a few beers, which is probably why my body and head wasn’t really into running today.

Watching the wrestlers last night, I really appreciated their level of athleticism and how dedicated they are to fitness and what they do. Which is another thing running has taught me. I love the commitment factor and really putting my all into something, only to see the reward later. There is also some goal to work towards. It has taught me work ethic and has improved my overall mentality. I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Even if that means finishing 9 miles when it’s so hard.

Even though my run was tough, and I thought after just calling it quits before I reached mile 9, I kept going. At least I got through it. And I feel 100 times better after doing so. It feels so rewarding

I should’ve done this run outside, but opted for the treadmill which is better than just laying around all day. But no one should suffer the torture of 9 boring miles on the dreadmill. I was tired, had no energy and could barely keep a steady pace. I had to slow down and walk a few times, but used this time to increase the incline and power walk uphill. It was a brutal run but I survived and conquered it!

This week I will really make sure ti give all my runs everything I have because my next 5k is one week away! Speaking of 5Ks, Running 4 The Reason is giving away two entries to the Color Run. I have been dying to do this even and this each they are adding glitter to the vibrant blasts of color. I really hope that I am the lucky winner, but I encourage you all to enter while there is still about 5 hours left. Either way, I plan on running this even so if any sweat pink sisters or other bloggers are running it in Jersey, let me know!

Hope you all had a good weekend and met your fitness goals.



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