Happy March: New Month, New Goals


Happy March everyone! Even though we were hit with some snow yesterday, I have faith that warmer weather is upon the horizon. I saw an Instagram photo yesterday that reminded me that bathing suit season is only 12 weeks away. While I am not one to be hung up on how much I resemble a Victoria Secret’s model, it’s always good motivation to know that summer is coming more quickly than we realize so stay ontop of your goals! And with my dad getting married this summer in Dominican Republic, I want to look my best so I can be a lazy beach bum and indulge in lots of food and drink.

But I digress. It’s a new month, meaning new goals to work towards. I am so happy to be sore today after killing it in the gym on both Saturday and Sunday. I went as a guest with my older sister, and realized how much I miss lifting weights. I do body weight exercises at my home gym, but it did feel good to use all the machines. Saturday was arms and a run and Sunday was legs, abs and a run. I am happy I moved my half marathon training eight-mile long run from Sunday to Friday because of the snow. So overall it was a really fit weekend after a poor week due to the flu.

I am pleased to say that I am at the half-way point of my half, with seven more weeks left to go. I feel strong, despite last week’s set back. For February, I ran a total of 55 miles! This month, I really want to crush some goals and turn it up a bit. I am aiming to run 100 miles for March, so fingers crossed I can get as close to this as possible without injury.

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I also learned that I lost two pounds, probably from being sick, and then feel like I gained it back after this weekend (lol, I blame it on the ice cream). I am going to focus on reducing my body fat percentage, which is currently somewhere around 30 %. (It was 31% one day then 29% after a run). I would like to get it down to 25%, which means more of a focus on weights. I will have to make sure my step up my body weighed workouts at home.

That made me think of other goals for the month. I would very much like to PR during my next 5k race on the 15th. Besides fitness goals, I would like to spend more alone time with my significant other. Between my work schedule and then training, it would be nice to carve out some me and him time.

I also want to spend more time with my family. I currently live with his fam and lately I realized how much I miss mine. It awesome to have workout buddies when I’m with them, and can’t wait to celebrate my older sister’s birthday on Sunday.

I also would like to finish another two chapters of my running book. I have made great progress with it, but go a week really working on it than two weeks not. I want to have it out this summer so it’s time to buckle down on that.

What are your goals for March? How many miles did you run in February? Are you guys sick of snow yet and dreaming of the beach?

[PHOTO CREDIT: Taís Melillo/ Flickr]


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  1. Wow….you have so much planned and am sure you will attain each one, you seems very determined. You know what, Feb went by so fast that March caught me off guard. Am definitely looking forward to up my workout game and some warmer weather.

  2. Wow, sounds like a fabulous weekend of workouts!! Way to go! You’re so dedicated to your training! I love it! Have a great week! XOXO

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