Rest Day Workout: To Run Or Not To Run?


If you are thinking about whether or not to run, then you should run!

So, today was supposed to be a rest day. However, I had some extra afternoon free time and lots on my mind, so I just couldn’t resist a short run.

Now rest days are really important during any training. Your muscles need time to recover, which avoids injury. Would you rather take one day off or two weeks off to heal an injury?

That being said, if you get antsy and feel like you NEED to get a workout it, try to change it up with yoga or a little cross training. Just make sure to keep it light. Even on rest and recovery days, your body still needs some movement. Think about how you may go for a walk to day after a race to avoid getting stiff.

The kinds of rest day exercises you can do are stretches, swimming, biking, or light weights. Just like your body needs a break, your mind does too, so yoga and deep stretches are a great recovery day workout.

That is exactly how I started and finished my workout today. Today was only the start of week two of my half marathon training, so I am not worried about over training. I did make sure to go light today. I did 5 minutes of some deep stretches, focusing on breathing and exhaling all the bad vibes.

Then I did decide to run for two miles. I did a run/walk method and my run was just about a ready jog. I did allow myself to pick up the pace and run hard for about 50 meters X 2 at different parts of my run. But overall, I kept my pace slow and steady. And it really helped clear my mind.

Afterwards, I did 200 crunches, ranging from using my toning ball and ab wheel, which I am pleased to say have really gotten the hang of. You just have to make sure you really engage your core and it will surely leave you pleasantly sore for a day or two. I finished up my workout with some more deep stretches and then put on some zen music for 10 minutes of yoga with deep breathing.

While I did decide to run today, next time I feel antsy for a workout, I will stick to other exercises to give my leg muscles the break they need. So far I am feeling strong!

How was your workout today?

[PHOTO CREDIT: Jean Henrique Wichinoski/ Flickr]


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  1. Great job on your workouts and I do agree that although rest days are great, if you’re feeling like you wanna workout, then go for it! Definitely! I was thinking today was going to be a rest day for me, but then I rocked out 2 hours of yoga and lots of ab work + a 3000 yard swim! I guess you never know what your body is feeling until you try! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

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