Working Too Much Can Lead To Drinking Habit

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Yeah, work makes us a need a drink. But for those who are all work and no play can make you develop a drinking habit, a new study says.

Researchers studied data from 330,00 people across 14 countries. They found that people who more than the average work week (people who work for more 48 hours a week) had an 11 percent higher chance to drink heavier.

For women, heavy drinking means 14 or more drinks a week and 21 drinks or more for men.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that people who work a lot go to binge drinking to unwind, and let go of work stress and pressure.

“Although the risks were not very high, these findings suggest that some people might be prone to coping with excess working hours by habits that are unhealthy, in this case by using alcohol above the recommended limits (although) with this type of study, you can never fully prove the cause and effect relationship,” study author Marianna Virtanen says.

Not only can working without play time result in binge drinking problem, but it ca slo lead to hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and stroke.

There are more than 2 million people who are alcoholics because of their jobs. The place of work is a critical setting for the deterrence of alcohol abuse, because more than half of the grown-ups are employed. More research work is required to evaluate whether preventive intercessions against dangerous alcohol utilization could profit from data on working hours,” says Cassandra Okechukwu, one of the scientists from Harvard School of Public Health.

Like we needed another reason to go to happy hour!



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