Run For A Good Cause: First Race of 2015!


I am no stranger to running regularly, which is good for my health—body, mind and soul. But nothing feels better than running for a good cause—or signing up for a race.

That’s right guys, I officially signed up for my first race of 2015!

I have been hit by a serious running bug lately. I credit this to watching movies on Netflix including “$ Minute Mile” and “Desert Runners.” These two movies in particular have made me want to set two goals: run faster miles and run a long-distance race.

While I never thought about running a full marathon, I am actually considering putting it on my bucket list. What I really am thirty for is a half marathon. Which is why I will start training for my next one next week. In the meantime, I wanted to run a shorter distance race to set up a good tone to my training.

I absolutely love 5K races, and this time around, I am aiming to get to finish in 30 minutes. Now, I am by far not the fastest runner. My fastest min/mi is typically 11:30 ish. But I know if I really push myself this goal can be achievable.

I signed up for Cupid’s Chase 5K in New Jersey, which will be held on Valentine’s Day. You either wear a red single shirt, or white for taken. The race will taken place in 29 locations, with all proceeds going to support people with disabilities.

Even though I have been running consistently, I did take about a week and a half off, so it’s really crunch time since the race is 28 days away.

So I Googled a few training plans to kind of make my own. My most important thing is speed work to really increase my time.

Day 1 : Run 4 miles

Day 2 : Cross Train/ 2 miles

Day 3: Speed work 6 X 400

Day 4: Cross Train/ Yoga

Day 5: 2 miles

Day 6:  Long Run ( in this case 4 miles + speed work)

Day 7: Rest

I will follow this schedule, adjusting speed work to be 8X400  and 10 X100.

This will bring me to 21 days, but I am just going to keep up the program until race day. I probably will make some adjustments along the way. Since I don’t have a gym nearby, my cross training will be home weights, so I will probably run on these days too. If anyone has cross training suggestion for home, please share!

I feel confident since my body is used to running, just hoping to really get fast. I will use my interval training feature on MapMyRun to help me time the speed work.

Next up race wise will be More/Fitness Magazine Half in April!

What are your next races and how do you improve on speed?

[PHOTO CREDIT: Martin Fisch/Flickr]


4 comments on “Run For A Good Cause: First Race of 2015!”

  1. This seems like a great plan!!! I am just coming off a knee injury and am up to running 35+ miles a week again (after injury 1.5 months ago)… I am helping my sister who is running the LA marathon soon… I also watched Desert Runners and loved it.. Please keep us update to how the running goes for you.. Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Happy to hear your knee is feeling better and whoohoo for 35 + miles! I am so excited to get back to 25+ miles a week. Desert Runners is now one of my fav movies. I will for sure keep you updated. Today’s 4 mile hill run went amazing and was I 20 seconds faster per mile. Yay for small victories. =)

  2. I love signing up for local races for a good cause. It’s awesome on so many levels – gives you something to train for/good workouts, have fun, donate $$ to charity… all worthwhile uses of your time. I am sure your training plan will speed you right up. I have my first 5k of the year this Saturday. No PR plans here… It’s probably going to be in a foot of snow 🙂 Best wishes, and have fun!

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, I feel so good knowing I am somehow making a difference, even if I only donate a little bit to the charity. Makes my running feel meaningful. Good luck on your 5k!! Running in the snow is tough, but sounds like you are ready to have some fun. Wish you the best =)

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