Scientists Create Temporary Tattoo That Checks Blood Sugar For Diabetics


You or someone you know may be suffering from diabetes. I have seen a family member having to prick their finger twice a day, something that is painful but necessary for their health. Now scientists are tying to eliminate the painful pricking by creating a temporary tattoo that checks blood sugar for diabetics.

Nanoengineers from the University of California and San Diego invented the tattoos that removes glucose and measure its in the fluid around the skin cells.

The temporary tattoo is a wearable sensor that is made up of electrodes that allows diabetics to get a reading without being invasive.

To get a reading, simply place the temporary tattoo on the skin and wait 10 minutes for the sodium ions that contain glucose to move towards the electrodes. The señor that measures the charge, which then determines the glucose levels.

Amay Bandodkar, one of the scientists behind this invention, said that the sensors on the tattoos can last for one day on the skin, and is thick as a bandaid. They tattoo are affordable, costing only a few cents.

The temporary tattoos have been tested on seven diabetes patients, males ages 20 to 40. After monitoring the patients and providing a carbohydrate rice meal of a sandwich and soda, the scientists found that the tattoo was as accurate as traditional pricking devices.

Google have also announced it is working on a new invention for diabetes patients. They are currently developing contact lenses to assess glucose levels from tears.


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