iPhone 6 Armband For Running!

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If you are like me, then you play music when working out. Although I have ran without my tunes, I really enjoy having fast-paced music really get me into the moment, allowing me to push forward along with the beat. But holding your phone in your hand is not only annoying, but also a distraction.

I had the iPhone 5, but finally upgraded to the 6. One of the first things I worried about is how my current armband won’t fit my new super sized phone. I tend do most my online shopping for random things on Amazon. I value the fact that I can read others recommendations on the product and get the best price on the things I need.

best seller

I recently found this iPhone 6 Armband from the brand Stalion that is the perfect fit. This product is only $11.94 and the number 1 best seller. The armband is water resistant and sweat proof, plus comes with a lifetime warranty. It hold your iPhone 6, your keys, money, ID or a credit card, which is important f you are running long distances and need to stop for water, or want to run to the store without holding everything you need.

Hands free is the way to be when running!


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