The Flu Has Now Spread To 43 States in the U.S.

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There is doubt that every winter we are cursed with the flu bug. But this year may be the worst strains yet as the influenza outbreak has now reaches 43 states.

Think that’s no big deal? Well it is spread from just 36 states to 43 in just one week.

Levels spiked during the holiday session, reaching levels to classify it as an epidemic; however these numbers fell just below these alarming levels the first week in January.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC), the flu has killed six more children, increasing the number of child fatality to 21. There ha sheen 3,441 hospitalizations in 13 states sampled since October.

Children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems are the most at risk for catching the flu.

Most flu strains this season has been influenza A (H3N2), the type of strain that are word than others. Moreover, the vaccine this year is not has effective at preventing the virus. However, CDC officials are advising that Americans still get their flu shots.

To further avoid falling ill with the flu, wash your hands often, drinks lots of water, eat immune boosting foods like kale, and get more sleep.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Traci Lawson/ Flickr]


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