At Home Beauty With Cinnamon

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At Home Beauty With Cinnamon

By Sarah Baker for Discover and Play

Don’t you want to look in the mirror and see supple skin and lips; strong hair and nails; and a glowing and vibrant face smiling back at you? What better way to achieve a vibrant glow sans chemicals and harsh ingredients than using what nature has to offer; cinnamon.

1: Lip Plumper: Cinnamon is a gentle irritant and when applied topically, can plump lips.

2: Hair stimulator: The antioxidants in cinnamon have stimulating properties, so some people believe that it can help stimulate hair growth. 

3: Fresh oxygenated skin: Cinnamon can purify and increases oxygen flow to the surface of the skin.  The best way to reap the benefits is by using cinnamon in your coffee, tea, and recipes.

4: Diminished Blemishes:  Since cinnamon has antiseptic properties, it can help clear up acne.

5: As a foot soak:  Cinnamon can help soften skin. The next time it’s your pampering day, use this indulge your toes with a scented soak while you meditate.

Have any remedies with cinnamon you use? Please share!

Bio (Can Post as DEK): Sarah Baker is a holistic health, nutrition and Image consultant focused on bringing vitality and balancing to her clients. Her consulting practice, Style Body Soul LLC, offers numerous programs suitable for various lifestyles, and her blog; Balanced Babe, focuses on nourishing recipes and daily tips to leading a vibrant fulfilling life. You can also stay motivated to be healthy by using her plant-based dining guide: Eat Healthful.


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