Fresh starts.


There is something refreshing about fresh starts. They kind of feel like how your lungs feel when early morning, pre-winter air enters, taking you by surprise.

I love signing up for races because they motivated me to work hard the month or plus before the actual day, keeping be inspired, fit, healthy, and feeling good—both body and mind. But I surprised myself when I decided not to run October’s half marathon. It would have been my third in half marathon—in between other 5ks and obstacle races—in the same year as my first half.

While I was addicted after the first one, I just wasn’t feeling up to running it, especially after just finishing one in September.

I have noticed this is a pattern of mine. I fully emerge myself into a healthy craze and follow it passionately, until it dies down.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have not lost my love for running. I just simply had no worries taking time off. Even though while writing this I still have yet to run, I have been still following a healthy lifestyle—waking up early, adjusting to a vegetarian diet, being productive at a job I really love, and being in a peaceful state of mind (thank to relocating to New Jersey), before getting a good night sleep.

I do plan on getting back out there soon, but since my running inspires my blogging, I have been lagging lately. Luckily, I have been able to focus on other writing projects and hope to have these completed soon (Don’t worry, I will share when they are completed!)

Now that I am trying to catch up with all my favorite blogs, I have noticed that just reading all your great posts inspires me to continue on my quest towards a better health. Sometime I even find myself scrolling through health-inspired Instagram posts that motivate me. I must say it feels good to be back!

What is the most exciting thing going on in your life lately? Let’s catch up in the comments!

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  1. Hey. I just said hi on a Twitter too. Great to have you back. I’ve missed seeing your posts and your comments on my blog. I’m in a new relationship with my gym. I haven’t given up running either but I’ve scaled back on miles and am focusing on getting fitter so I can enjoy running more.

    1. Thanks for saying hi! I am happy to be back and can’t wait to catch up with everything you have been writing about. Yay for the gym! I am now running only 3 days a week, but am happy & healthy! I hope we both start running more lol

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