How do you cure a bee sting?


I once had a dream where I was stung by a bee. The dream felt so real to the point where I still remember how it fictiously felt. But actually getting stung by a bee in real life is a pain only those who have been stung know.

Being stung by a bee is one of most people’s common fears. After finishing a half marathon while wearing a white and silver shimmering shirt, I noticed a bee buzzing around me as I grabbed a bagel. After entering the car, I sat back only to feel a pain similar to the sensation you get when getting pricked by pin. I brushed it off, sat up and reached behind me. The bee then flew to my right side and struck again. This time I felt a combination of pain from both sites.

I have a high tolerance for pain, but the bee stings made my skin feel like it was on fire. I was near tears.

After freaking out immediately at first, to get the bee out the car, and then secondly, about whether I was allergic or not, my mom calmly said, “I’m allergic to bees,” as I froze it see if my throat was closing.

Good news was that I am apparently not severely allergic and by the time I got home and showered, there were no signs that I had been stung.

But that night the site was swollen again and by the next day, it was still a hive with an extreme itch. The itchiness came and went throughout the day between the two sites. Bee stings are itchy? That was something I was shocked to discover.

After researching the best way to rid the itch, I was even more surprised that this symptom could last anywhere between a few hours and a week, depending on your body. I also didn’t know that bee’s stinger releases a venom of toxins. Proteins in the venom affect the immune system, resulting in pain and swelling at the sting site.

WebMD recommends that after removing the stinger, you should ice the area and take an over-counter painkiller. Take antihistamine for the itchiness. Calamine lotion or a baking soda and water mixture can also been use.

One brave writer was stung to test out various remedies, and found that calamine lotion with an analgesic was the best over-the-counter remedy, but home remedies like toothpaste and ice worked just as well.

Mustard, aloe vera, an Epsom salt and water paste, a meat tenderizer and vinegar paste, apple cider, fresh basil and apple cider vinegar have also been recommended as a helpful bee sting remedy.

How did you cure your bee sting?


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  1. I’ve found that bees are very reluctant to sting. I’ve been stung a time or two and agree that it is a painful experience. I cannot remember what remedy I applied other than swearing and cursing.

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