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Workout Wednesdays

In an attempt to get more strength training into my normal fitness routine, I decided that in between work tasks today I would do some exercises. I have been missing weight training at the gym, but my runs have taken over my focus. Now that it is crunch time before the Big Day (my half marathon), I decided to tone up from the comfort of my own home whenever I can.

Today’s exercises had me feeling good! I woke up before work and ran a 2-mile interval run. Mid-morning, my first home exercises focused on arms. Using 5 pound weights (only amount I have at home), I did the following:


After a spinach salad lunch and a quick walk with my dog, I got some more work tasks completed and then started on the next set of exercises. This time I did abs, squats, and pushups for a whole body fat burner. Sit on the ground and roll back until your abs are engaged. With a toning ball, keep your core centered, but “swing” the ball from left to right. Keep your body straight and just use your abs. Follow this set with a set of squats and then pushups. Repeat.

I then spent the afternoon walking and spending too much money at the mall. My punishment—or rather reward?

tumblr_naz2orCKdg1tbqjs2o1_400How did you workout today?


8 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays

  1. So awesome!!!! Def a deserved reward!!! I also did arms today!!! High five to us!!

  2. I am the worst at strength training when I am training for a race. I started doing whatever exercises I am having my patients do when I can, its better than nothing haha!

    1. At least I am not the only one! Yes, anything is better than nothing. =)

  3. Great tips and so simple to do.

  4. Sometimes I use my weights to tone my arms while I watch tv. Unfortunately, I don’t do it often enough. I like the routine in the pic.

    1. Good idea!! Thanks

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