Confessions of a shopaholic: I’m addicted to running shoes

I am very good at saving money.

I am very good at spending money.

I purchased very expensive concert tickets for my sister’s 21st birthday mid-summer and the concert was just cancelled. There are only two things I spend money on: live music (concerts) and running stuff (races, clothes, shoes, products). So naturally when I got refunded the money—and I was conveniently thinking about going to the mall—I decided I would buy new running shoes.

I was in the mood to shop and knew I was spending money, but ever since I got home tonight, I cannot shake the feeling that I overspent. I felt like a shopaholic. Once I swiped my card, I just couldn’t stop. For the amount of money I spent, I could have a few trendy outfits for the fall. Instead, I have two (really cute) outfits, pjs, undies, and a bunch of (expensive) accessories.

Among my purchases I am pleased with is a kimono and tres chic black hat. Among my purchases I regret is a bracelet that cost $30 for no reason and fake earrings that cost $20!!! Once I saw how they sparkled in the light, my heart was set on them.


Seriously, I don’t know how I spent so much money on only a few items. But of course I couldn’t go shopping without buying running gear. The second I found out I would have some extra money in the bank, I dreamt of which running sneakers to buy. Like always I was torn between Books and Asics and finally got to try a few pairs on. The whole reason I went to the mall was to buy running shoes. I would have happily walked away spending a fraction of what I did spend. But it was like the money gods had cursed me. 

As soon as a tied the laces of the Brooks Glycerin 12, my feet where in heaven. Testing them out a bit felt like I was strolling on clouds. They gave me just enough stability and just enough cushion for my half coming up. I had to get them.

They didn’t have my size.

So since I am a shopaholic, I went to every sneaker store in the mall—even though there is no running specific or sporting goods store—to see if I could take home the perfect pair for this runner’s feet.

They were no where to be found.

So I spent money on all the other items I listed above. Now the things I bought are all super cute, I just wish that I could have controlled my shopping addiction a bit more. In my defense, I don’t shop often and when I do it is usually on new running shorts or gels or small beauty essentials that all adds up.

Right before I ran home (not literally) to order the running shoes online (yay! they will be here in a few days) I picked up two new pairs of shorts and matching tanks for my two upcoming halfs. Half the battle of being motivated is getting excited about the Big Day. I have no regrets splurging on the running shoes or the shorts that will match. =)

I honestly have felt such buyers remorse and stress over the fact that I went over my budget, but writing this has felt like therapy. If I subtract the money I got back from the concert tickets, I only spent $70, so I got a shit load of stuff for under $100. But was it really worth all the money? I am still undecided. 

I feel like you only live once, so as long as my bills as paid, I should relax a little. My journey to a fitter and healthier life has taught my how to make all kinds of goals and find ways to achieve those goals. I will apply the lessons I have learned and set better financial goals. Next month’s paycheck is going right into savings! lol

Have you ever overspent during a shopping trip? Did you return the items?




One thought on “Confessions of a shopaholic: I’m addicted to running shoes

  1. All the time. For me, every shopping trip is an opportunity to spend a little (or a lot) more than I planned. Life can be challenging so we should reward ourselves within reason. As long as you’re not blowing your rent or food budget on stuff, splurge a little. You deserve it!

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