Half marathon training week eight

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My next half marathon is only 20 days away causing me to feel extremely proud of how hard I’ve worked and shocked that I only have a few days left before the Big Day.


Sunday, Aug. 17 started the week off strong with a 10-mile run. I had an average pace of 13:16 min/mi, which I can dig, considering it is a slow run day and this is a bit slower than by targeted half marathon pace.

Monday like usual was an off day to let my muscles recover, which I am thankful for because my legs just weren’t feeling right. My knees and ankles felt strained so much that even though I couldn’t wait to run on Tuesday, I had a very hard time. Instead of my planned 5-miler, I got creative to find the perfect solution. I had some running around to do—the errands kind—so decided instead of taking the bus, to walk to my location. My walk was a turned out to be 3.5 miles both ways, including a trip to the supermarket to buys fresh veggies and healthy snacks.

I was able to make a delicious spinach salad, fueling my body for a run. After all the walking, my muscles felt warmed up and I was able to run a pain free 2.16 miles at an awesome half marathon pace of 11:17! (Mile 2, I ran 11:06 min/mi!!) While my overall goal is to still run sub 10 min/mi, this time is perfect to me for my Big Day!

Wednesday was only a 2-mile run, but I was okay with scaling back the mileage a bit to avoid injury. Thursday was an off day, but worked on ab and light arms.

Finally, Friday was one of my best runs of the week because I ran a new route! I live close to not one, but two beaches—but I do live in Staten Island, NY, so I use the term beach very loosely. It accrued to me that I should run through the local high school and along the boardwalk that leads to what is called South Beach.

It felt so refreshing to run along new scenery! The water smelled like salt and there was an overcast above the Verrazano Bridge. I was hoping it would rain a bit, but the weather held up, still making it the perfect weather for a late afternoon run.

Saturday I decided to skip on a run (woops!) and Sunday’s long-distance run was moved to Monday, so stay tuned to read all about it in a few days!

P.S.- I found a new pair of running shoes that I am so tempted to buy! I love my Mizuno’s but think I need a bit more ankle stability. I purchased concerts tickets and the band unfortunately cancelled meaning I will be refunded my money. Looks like I have the perfect reason to get a new pair just in time to test out before the big day! (Don’t worry I will let you know which pair I buy.) Seems like the only two things I spend money on is races (& anything running related) and live music!

How was your week training? Anyone have a race in September coming?

PPS- Happy #NationalDogDay !





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