Best Recovery Drinks


By Jessica Remitz for Discover and Play

With new energy and sport drinks hitting the market at a sprinting pace, it can be
challenging to determine the best way to refuel after a workout without undoing
all your hard work.

If you’ve exercised for under an hour, water is a perfect no-calorie thirst quencher to
replace any fluid you may have lost. For longer or more challenging workouts
(think high intensity training sessions — an hour or more of cycling or a
particularly long run), you’ll want to refuel with a blend of carbohydrates and
protein. This will help your muscles recover and give your body back the
important nutrients — like sodium and potassium — it excretes during intense,
prolonged activity.

Next time you’re looking to refuel from a serious sweat session, try one of these
recovery drinks:

Chocolate Milk

This childhood favorite has an excellent carbohydrate-to-protein ratio to replenish
fluids and help tired muscles recover. Perfect for cyclists, swimmers or runners,
chocolate milk also packs a nutritional bonus with calcium, sugar in the form
of lactose and vitamin D (found in fortified milk). (For the record, researchers
that they don’t yet understand what it is exactly about chocolate
milk that gives it the advantage over carbohydrate beverages, but we’ll take

Iced Green Tea

An excellent source of catechins, a plant-based antioxidant, green tea can help battle
cancer, heart disease and even fight fat. A study done by the American Journal of Clinical
found that daily consumption of tea containing catechins might
help prevent obesity and reduce belly fat, making a cold glass of green tea the
perfect way to rehydrate after working out. Just be sure to brew your own at
home, or pick up a bottle of unsweetened tea, to avoid added sugars and
unwanted extra calories.

Coconut Water

With a light,
fruity flavor and less sugar than most sports drinks, coconut water is a great,
fat- and cholesterol-free way to rehydrate. It also provides your body with potassium,
which helps regulate fluids in the body as well as helping your muscles
contract and relax properly.

Vegetable Juice

One-hundred percent vegetable juice is a perfect way to get in a few servings of veggies
post-workout while replacing the sodium and potassium your body loses when you
sweat. Vegetable juice also contains the right protein-to-carbohydrate ratio
that’s optimal for recovery. Plus, it’s a great option for those of us who
crave salt after a long workout.

Sports Drinks

If you’ve exercised for well over an hour, a sports drink that is formulated with the
nutrients your muscles need to recover can be a great option. Look for drinks
with sodium, potassium and electrolytes to help replace fluids lost during
exercise, but be on the lookout for high calories and unnecessary sugars.
Consider cutting your drink with water to temper the sugary taste and keep
calories consumed under control.

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a freelance writer and web producer living in Brooklyn. Her work has
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  1. Amaaazing info!!! I just finished an over 8 mile run and was absolutely exhausted!! I drank chocolate milk and green tea!!! Yaaay!! I’m glad I’m drinking what I should be for recovery!! Thanks!! You’re the best!!

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