Half marathon training week seven


I love the beginning a new month because I get excited to get some running goodies sent to me via StrideBox. My package normally arrives the second week of the month, so I felt excited about running this week. Monday, Aug. 11 was an off day filled with work and reading “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman, which I finished the next night.

Between the death of Robin Williams the emotional piece of fiction and the steady sounds of the rain, I was spent for the day anyway.

Tuesday I woke up early for a morning run, something that I was missing. There is nothing better than starting a fresh day exercising and already feeling good before 9 a.m. I ran 5 miles at an average pace of 11:43, mile two and three 11:26 and 11:27. This is just about my half time I am aiming for, so I was pleased to accomplish a good run.

Wednesday was a 10-minute warm up, followed by 6X 1 min high intensity, 1 min low intensity, and 10 minute cool down. I went mid-afternoon since I finished work early and wanted to run before I had dinner plans with my boyfriend.

“And then the heavens opened up.”

I was excited that it would lightly drizzle, but I only felt one or two drops while running. My warm up and cool down times was 12-13 mi/mi, but my intervals had me at a 10:47 min/mi. I felt strong, happy, fresh, light and healthy.

I came home to shower and took the dog out for a walk. A neighbor two doors down that I have never spoken with—just the usual friendly smile and wave when we see each other—stopped me to pet the dog. “How far are you running now?” she asked.

I was taken back for a second and was so happy to start talking about running with her. She said she sees me running and how I motivate her to one day get to running. Right know she walks—she is in fabulous shape—and says her knees are bad, but does the treadmill. She was so happy to hear that I am training for a half and had such nice words to say. I was proud to tell her about how much and how often I run.

The simplest conversation about running got me so excited to think and talk about running. I just wanted to get back out there.

Thursday was my off day, giving my body some time to recover. Friday was supposed to be a 4.5-mile run, but it was hot and I was pushed for time, so instead I ran 2-miles, giving it all I had. Saturday was off day again, and I was actually really excited to do my long-distance Sunday run.

While I normally run along the beach, it is a straight, flat route and can get boring. So for this 10-miler, I ran around my neighborhood twice and was really pumped the entire time. I didn’t have to walk at all and didn’t feel like quitting.

Overall, it was a strong week with lots of running. I realized that life is too short and we should embrace every moment we have here. I am happy I got spend some time with myself, doing what makes me happy, really enjoying the moment. Hope your week training went just as well!


P.S.! Check out this post for a little running humor!


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  1. Way to go runner girl!! You’re awesome and should be so proud of yourself!! You are running great workouts!! Yaay!! What a fabulous conversation you had with your neighbor. That’s so nice and refreshing to hear!! It’s great to chat about running!! Fun!! XOXO!!

  2. Go you! Great to see the enthusiasm. Must be nice to know you are motivating people without even realising it. I just can’t get going. Need to do something quickly though as I’m taking on the London Marathon in Spring!

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