StrideBox August Review

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After anxiously checking the mailbox every day in anticipation, my favorite time of the month has arrived—the day my StrideBox arrives.


StrideBox is honestly the best thing I have ever ordered as a runner because I get to try out new products that I would have otherwise not have uncovered. As tore open the box, tearing the neatly packaged tissue patter to unveil my treasures.


I was hoping that I would find a GU salted caramel buried under these treasures, but I am sad to report I will have to wait to try this flavor. However, there is no way I could be disappointed with my new trove of goodies.


August’s StrideBox comes with Hammer recoverite after-workout recovery shake in vanilla. One serving is 170 and it replenishes the nutrients your body needs after a race or intense workout. I will probably use this after Saturday’s 10-mile run.

The box comes with PowerBar performance energy wafers in chocolate peanut butter. Anything peanut butter is gold in my book, and I am a fan of PowerBar. The wafers deliver “up to 50% more energy than glucose alone,” making It a perfect fuel source before a big workout.

I am looking forward to trying 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel. I have not tried this brand before, but am a little weary about the pina colada flavor. I have found that many gels are a bit too sweet for my liking. However, my usually Cliff fav is not sitting well with my taste buds lately, so I’m open to trying this product.

Next up is MRM Hydration Factor electrolyte powder that is added to water. “Unlike typical flavored electrolyte drinks, this offers increased intracellular uptake (fluid to cells) to optimize your hydration level.”

I try to avoid supplements because I don’t trust the safety of some products, but SportLegs lactate supplement has me intrigued. It helps regulate lactic acid production to prevent sore muscles. You are supposed to take one capsule per 50 lbs. body weight one hour before exercise.

Perfect for hot August runs, PowerICE frozen hydration was thrown in the mix with the pomegranate raspberry rip flavor.  It’s an all-natural product, and after freezing, will hydrate and replenish after those sweaty sessions.

Finally, the last item in this month’s box is LockLaces reflective shoelaces. My Saucony laces are a bit too long, so that is the perfect product to prevent my laces from flapping everywhere.

This month I am most excited to try the Hammer recovery formula, the PowerICE frozen electrolytes, and the 2nd Sruge gel. I must admit that I like to use each product one at a time throughout the month, so I will post reviews for my favs as I try them out.

Have you tried any of the products that are included in my StrideBox this month?

P.S. It was a great running week for me last week, with 52 miles logged!

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