Half Marathon Training Week 6


This week’s training was all about the miles. Reflecting on the week, I was highly motivated without feeling like I was forcing myself to train. Sometimes when training for longer races, we start to loose that love for the art of running because we feel like we need to get every workout it no matter what. This week I also kept reminding myself that training hard now will allow me to perform well on race day. The journey really is during training time, and I continue to set new limits for myself.


What that said, Monday was a rest day like every week. Nothing much was going on here. I used it as a personal day and did lots of lounging. Tuesday I ran 10 miles along the nearest beach by my house. I was running 11:45 min/mi for the first 3-4 miles, but slowed down a lot before finally having to walk a bit mile 6 and mile 9 and 10. I used the run/walk method, which helped me get through the run. I ran at 2 p.m. and it was really hot outside, but I made sure to bring a big water bottle and was able to refill at the beach. I also brought along gels as fuel and made sure to listen to my body when I increased speed and when I needed to slow down. I generally prefer not to do the run/walk method, but walking is still better than sitting on the couch.

Wednesday was a decent 3-mile run. I again went out mid-afternoon, but was able to beat the heat and pull through without feeling drained. I ran an average pace of 11:38, which is just on target for race day.

Thursday was an off day. I was planning on going for my planned 4-miles, but instead had a family dinner taco night and headed out to see Ninja Turtles —which is a must see! Friday I ran the 4 miles, which was such a refreshing run.

I felt like I didn’t run in days and was excited to get out there. I jogged the first 2 miles with my sister. She hasn’t run in a long time and complained she was out of shape and needed to take it slow—she is the sister who kicked my ass endurance wise during our Spartan Sprint by the way. So, at first I kept feeling bad that I was only at a slow jog and not really running hard, but it did feel good to run with someone since I am typically a lone runner. While I enjoy the solitude, running with a buddy was refreshing and had me pumped. As we ended mile 2 in front of our house, she went inside and I continued on for another 2 miles solo with an average pace 11:41.

Saturday was another off day because honestly I just didn’t want to run. I did have a 30 minute tempo run planned, but decided to instead of running 9 miles on Sunday, increase it to 10 miles to make up for missing Saturday. Sunday was tough because it was 87 degrees out and I was already sweating as I went out at 9 a.m. Instead of running the beach route, I stayed local, repeating my normal route three times to make it to 10 miles. I bought along a gel with me, but lost it while running. So after mile six, I decided to run back in my house for 5 minutes to refuel and get more water. I stretched a bit and when the 5 minutes were up, I was back outside.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.35.11 PM

I had to talk myself into continuing a few times, and again had to follow the run/walk method to get through it. But I completed 10 miles feeling proud! My time was that great since I did walk a bit, but if I wasn’t dying from the heat, according to my predicted time, I am right on target for a 2:30:00/2:25:00 time for my half.

It feels good being right where I want to be. My diet has cleaned up a lot, but I did have tacos (which I NEVER eat red meat), so that was a change. I did also indulge in some mint chocolate chip ice cream, but everything in moderation and I lost another pound. I need to incorporate more weight training, but haven’t been able to hit the gym. I plan on doing some weights at home this week.

What are your favorite at-home exercises? How was your running week? Anyone race this weekend?


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  1. Great job!
    I’m a big fan of DVD workouts when not running…I know how long the workout is going to take and what to expect. If I have a workout on a piece of paper/internet, then I’ll give up on that faster then a dvd workout for some reason. I did Yoga Meltdown (Jillian Michaels) last night and it felt great…I’m heading into week 4 of half marathon training. Had a great running week!

    1. Thanks! I used to do Insanity DVDs on non-running days. Thinking about going for them again. I give up on youtube videos—even when they are yoga ones, so I see what you are saying. Good look on your training and yay for good running weeks! =D

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