Thursday Taco Dinner

When people inquire about my unique food preferences—such as my favorite meal,cheese & tomato sandwiches—they predictably allows says, “Oh, you’re a vegetarian.”

Though I have dabbled in a diet sans meat, my love for fish and chicken always has be coming back for a bite.

“No, I just eat chicken and fish,” I routinely reply. “I just don’t like the taste of beef or pork.”

I have never been a fan of steak, pork chops, Chinese spare ribs, or even bacon (unless its turkey bacon mMmm). I admit I will have a cheeseburger from time to time, but these are usually one in every three to six month basis and typically after a night of a few too many drinks.

While I am not a meat lover, every once in a while it is good to get the good source of iron in my diet. Because I have been running hard lately, when my sister suggested tonight’s dinner be a Thursday taco dinner, my taste buds couldn’t refuse.

Because I was working all day (check out my articles in the T-Lounge section of Tech Times), my sister and her boyfriend offered to go food shopping to stock up on some things we needed. On our list was spinach, tuna, tomatoes, pears, and baby carrots, but of course we had to add some mint chocolate chip ice cream for a weekend treat. She picked up all the taco dinner ingredients and we all pitched in cooking.

taco dinner








Chop meat



Shredded cheese

Low-fat sour cream

Medium taco sauce

Hard/soft shells

My sister wanted the job of cooking up the meat, which is easily done in a skillet until brown. I unpacked the groceries, did some dishes, and prepped the other ingredients. I finely chopped the lettuce and diced the tomatoes, as well as heated up the shells so they were nice and warm. You could bake the completed tacos for a few minutes, but we opted to do it ourselves buffet style.

taco prepI sometimes worry eating “meat” will have my stomach churning since my body is not used to it, but these tacos hit the spot. I made sure to go heavy on the L&T, only use a dap of sour cream, and not load up on too much meat. Paying attention to portion sizes aside, I am happy that I tried something I typically don’t eat for dinner.

While red meat is known for being high in saturated fat and cholesterol, the protein it contains helps build and repair muscles thanks to its amino acids. A 3-oz. serving of lean ground beef supplies 2.4 mg of iron needed for your red blood cells to transport oxygen to all the other parts of your body.

That said, my body—and belly—is thankful for Thursday taco night. What did you have for dinner?


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