Half Marathon Training Week 5

Part of me can’t believe I am five weeks into training already, mainly because my training this time around includes more and longer runs than my first half training.

This means the sore body half of me feels like I am way past five weeks, while the other ambitious runner half can’t believe five weeks have come and gone already.

While it should be time to really kick my butt into gear, my week started off slower than normal because I am listening to my body and giving myself a break.

Monday was off day, and while last week I still ran, this week I gave myself an off day!! Tuesday I had an early morning start (because I got a new job!!!) and came home exhausted. My legs were still sore from Sunday’s run, arms still sore from lifting. I honestly just didn’t want to move. Instead, I ate a healthy shrimp and scallops dinner with a little brown rice and fresh tomatoes and orange peppers and went to be early.

That means in order to stay on track with my weekly mileage, I planned to run from Wednesday-Sunday. But Wednesday night came and went, I feeling too under the weather to go for a run. I kept contemplated it because it was a gorgeous night, but instead rose at 5:30 a.m. for a 4-mile run (that was scheduled for Tuesday).

Halfway through, I felt a bit tired—almost wanting to cut it short—but I pushed through and felt amazing all day. So good that at night I ran Wednesday’s interval run. I warmed up for 10 minutes, followed by 7X 30 second hard, 1 minute easy, and 10 minute cool down. The goal was to run hard at half marathon pace, and I averaged 11:39 min/mi, which is almost where I see myself half marathon day. I finished the run with some squats.

Friday was supposed to be an off day, but since I substituted for Wednesday, I ran 4.5 miles. Saturday I ran 6.01 miles in 1:14:31 to make up for some miles that I missed during the week. I felt strong and really enjoyed the run. Because Saturday night was girls’ night out and Sunday I had plans all day that kept me away from running, I had to skip out on my long Sunday run. I did however make up for it with a 10 mile run two days later.

Overall, this week I decided to listen to body and modify my runs to fit into my schedule. I was able to run all the miles I needed to run, but just spaced them out differently. I also stayed on track with my nutrition, even loosing a pound!

Hope you all had a great running week!


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