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Being asked by the awesome writer Traci Cox of the blog, marginalia to participate in the blog hop post had my fingers jumping for joy as they dancing along the keyboard to the constantly clacking of keys, music to my ears as I typed in a silent room.

For those you don’t know Traci, you should definitely check her out. She has a MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing form George Mason University, and her essays have been in The Breeze, Fugue, e-Vision, Write On, Phoebe, Madison Magazine, and The Masters Review. She recently wrote about her healthcare adventure when traveling in Slovakia. Her latest post recommends great books about running!

So the way to blog hop works is I will answer four questions about my writing process and pass it on to three other writers who I will feature down below and they will then write their answers and invite three more writers on their blogs. Make sure to check my awesome bloggers out!

What I am working on?

While I try to be as active as I can be writing wise on this health, fitness, and running site, the past two weeks have been a bit hectic. That said, I am working on creating more posts here, while I juggle my other writing projects. I am currently investigating for an article about the teatox trend that has been on the rise, and although I had to take a break from reporting on it, I plan to have to finally ready by the end of this month. I also have been writing humor health stories for a satirical site,, and plan on getting back to that. I also write for Daily Health Alerts, so make sure to check out that awesome natural health and wellness site.

Besides all this fun stuff, I have been attempting to work on my first fiction novel. I began writing two different genres: crime/mystery/thriller and a sci-fi story. I plan on writing some chapters while on vacation, most likely for my sci-fi masterpiece. =)

How does my work differ from other of its genre?

I feel like many blogs are just focused on personal experiences (which I love), so I think that what makes mine different is not only do I write about my own fitness and running journeys, but with my journalism background, I try to inform and educate my readers with news and trends that is occurring in the health and fitness world.

Why do I write what I do?

I absolutely LOVE writing about health, fitness, and especially running. Because I have such a passion for these topics, writing about them never feels like work or a chore. I look forward to creating stories about what I learn and my experience. While I have been writing my entire life, writing in this realm of things was the first time I felt connected to my audience and to a community. I am proud to be a runner, even more proud of be writing about it.

How does my writing process work?

I try to write almost first thing in the morning. I usually go through my emails first, reading new posts from my favorite bloggers and then start a new post that I thought up the night before, or even on the way to my day job. I am constantly reading news, so if I find something that is interesting, I take a few minutes to recount the news story for my readers. I usually just sit down and let the words flow. I found that I work well under pressure from my reporting news, so that means I tend to procrastinate transcribing interviews, but once I deadline approaches, I can whip up a delicious story just in time. Writing my fiction pieces feels like a never-ending adventure. It seems I cannot sit down and focus on fleshing them out!

Check out the bloggers I chose!


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Amy is a blogger over at Fitness Meets Frosting who believes in living a balanced lifestyle! After being in a car accident in 2010, right after she started training for her first half marathon, she was told that she might not be able to run again due to a back injury. She started reading running blogs in 2013, became inspired, and decided that she would change how she runs and train for her first half marathon. She has now completed 4 half marathons and cannot wait to do more! She shares her training, race experiences, recipes, nutrition tips (she has a B.S. in physiology and metabolism from U.C. Berkeley), and so much more! She hopes to inspire others to live healthfully and to go after their goals even when they hit bumps in the road!




Amber started her blog, Be Present Yoga, earlier this year. She is a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor with a passion to share yoga and fitness tips with others. Her blog consists of yoga tutorials, motivational mantras and occasionally some Pilates mixed in. She is spending her summer teaching yoga, hiking, paddle boarding and even teaching yoga on a stand up paddleboard.








Hello!  My name is Melissa! I define myself, not by the disease I have, not by the mistakes I’ve made, but by the moments I am given each day to show I am being the best I can be! My blog, Healthy Masters, is a judgement free zone, which allows the reader to feel open about expressing themselves on any topic of interest. I write a lot about life and the experiences I am dealing with, and of course about fitness and wellness too! I will be graduating with my degree in Health Coach/Nutrition as of August 2014! I am very excited to begin this new journey in my life!




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  1. lauren, this is a really awesome post! that’s so cool you write in so many different genres. writing in the morning is the best, but there never seems to be time for it then! (I have to sneak bloging in between lulls at work, haha.) can’t wait to read more from you, & thanks for the shout-out!! 🙂

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