The Fancy Food Show Features 3D Treats

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Held at New York’s Javits Center last week, the Fancy Food show featured the first food 3D prototype printer that created custom-made treats.

ChefJet, who featured the printed, edible sugar and chocolate, ideal for cake toppers and other baking decoration, will run consumers about $5,000 for a small counter top printer or under $10,00 for the larger versions. The printers are set to be available this year.

“Food is an incredible platform for creativity, experimentation, and celebration and we are thrilled to place these powerful 3D printers in bakers and chefs’ kitchens,” said Liz von Hasseln, Creative Director Food Products, 3DS said in an unrelated press release. “We invite leading pastry chefs, restaurateurs and event planners to join us in bringing 3D printing into the kitchen.”

Photo credit: Wild Grill Foods
Photo credit: Wild Grill Foods

But the futuristic form of food decorating wasn’t the only thing that was a must-try during the foodie event. According to the Daily News, shrimp burgers and salmon dogs from Wild Grill Foods were a hot item for pescetarian BBQs. Salmon dogs, which will cost you $7.99 per pack, come in mango and chipotle or chorizo-style flavors.

Meat-lovers could try bacon cheeseburger cheese from Yancey’s Fancy, a New York

Photo credit: Yancey’s Fancy
Photo credit: Yancey’s Fancy

cheesemaker most known for its Buffalo wing or wasabi flavored handcrafted cheese. The cheese is expected to hit stores next month.

Those who love sweets and don’t mind treating themselves to some wine can enjoy the combo with Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream. With 5% alcohol, new flavors include “Spice,” which is made with wine, and “Strawberry Sparking,” which is made with champagne. You must be at least 21-years-old to purchase a pint that will make your pocked $5.99 lighter.

Photo credit: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream
Photo credit: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream
Photo credit: eatKeenwa
Photo credit: eatKeenwa


For the health nuts, add more quinoa into your diet with Blake and Paul Niemann’s eatKeenwa crunch clusters that can be snacked on by itself or added to your yogurt or favorite smoothie.





What do you think will be the next food trend here in NYC? Did you check out the event? What was your favorite vendor?


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