Not According to Plan: Week 1 of Half Marathon Training


As you might already know, week one of my half marathon training did not necessarily start on the right foot. After anticipating the official start of my 12 week program, I soon realized that it was not the strong week I was imagining.

Here is a breakdown of what my week looked like:

Day 1: Monday -> Off day

Day 2: Tuesday-> 3-mile run

50 6 lb ball crunches

10 squats

3 x 12 pull-ups


Day 3: Wednesday-> Off day

Supposed to have my strength run, but serious thunderstorms made it impossible. Decided to move this run to tomorrow.

Day 4: Thursday-> Strength run

Description: Strength workouts are mid-intensity intervals. Push yourself to your half marathon goal pace. Warm up and cool down with a 10-15 minute jog.

I warmed up for 5 minutes, then 4x 1 min hard, 2 min easy, cool down 10 minutes.

Day 5: Friday-> According to my training plan off day, but ran what was supposed to be Thursday’s run. Description: 3-miles. Intensity: Conversational. An easy run at conversational pace with a 4 x 100m strides after run.

Day 6: Saturday-> Was supposed to be Moderate Intensity 20 tempos, but I ended up skipping my run. I unexpectantly stayed in New Jersey, meaning I had no running shoes with me. I woke up with a massive headache (even though I did not drink on the 4th!), and by the time I was feeling better, I headed over to my cousins to celebrate his 30th birthday! I danced all night, so at least I got some cardio in.

Day 7: Sunday-> Supposed to run 5-miles, but ended up skipping this run =(. My night of dancing got the best of me and I was avoiding running out in the sun. I planned on waiting for the sun to set, but then watched True Blood (I am still in shock!!!) and then decided to just go to sleep. I was exhausted after this long weekend.

Looking back on the week, I am disappointed that I missed TWO runs!! While technically I missed another scheduled run, I learned that these training plans are not set in stone and there is nothing wrong with adjusting a day to make up for the day before. However, this weekend things really went downhill and I do wish that I made more of an effort to get that 5 miler in.

Because it is a fresh week (and my off day =/), I am going to make up for the weekend and run my 5 miles tonight! I am going to Florida for vacation next week and will let that be my motivation to stay on the healthy track this week.

And don’t worry; I will be bringing my running gear with me next week!!

What to work on for next week: Eating overall healthier. While I did make some smart and clean food choices, I had ice cream one night, and pizza twice!! Need to work on my nutrition if I want to improve as a runner. This week I will also make it a point of sticking with my program (besides making today a running day and not an off day). I also plan on adding more weights into my routine this week to work on my strength.

How was your week/ weekend fitness wise? Do you ever regret skipping a run?


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  1. I missed my Sunday long run too. I was away for the weekend and got home too late to fit it in at the end of the day! I’m going to switch few of the days around so it won’t totally mess with my training but I’m hoping all my weekend plans don’t stop me from getting my long runs in!

    1. That sucks =/ but I am glad to hear that I am not alone! I think as long as we make sure we get this week’s run in and I will probably add some extra miles, we should be fine!

  2. You are doing great!! Don’t get frustrated! You will jump right back on track this week!! You always have such a great perspective!! Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in exactly how you want to! If you’re feeling tired, it’s a good idea to take off, so great job!! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I try my best, but must admit did not try that hard this weekend. At least I got some rest in! I feel like it’s going to be a great week =D

  3. It totally happens to everyone. You will pick right back up and be awesome. No sense in stressing about weeks gone by 🙂 plus, you ran a lot more than most people did last week!

  4. We are all entitled to rough weeks 😉 just enjoy the journey. The first couple weeks took some adjusting for me too, but now that I got into a routine of following the training plan and not just running to how I feel, it’s been better 🙂 keep at it!

    1. Thanks so much! It feels good not to be the only runner who struggles some times. I am happy to report that so far it has been a good running week so far, even if it is only Tuesday hahah.

  5. DOn’t feel bad, darling! I kind of felt the same way last week because I didn’t do any runs despite my plans. However, I took time to understand that my body was asking me for a break, so I did a bunch of other workouts and simple walks. You can do it, don’t get discouraged! <3

    1. Thanks love! Yes, I already put last week in the past and have been going strong this week. Sometimes we just need to slow down a bit, other times we just need to enjoy life a bit—either way, as long as we keep working hard, it will all fall into place! <3

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