How to Get Beach Body Ready


Top 5 Tips To Get Bikini Body Toned

Saturday was the official first day of summer, and while the temperatures start to sizzle, your mood might be a bit blue if you feel like you are not ready to show off your summer body. While we should embrace of bodies, no matter what size or shape they may be, getting fit for the summer season is a great way to increase healthy habits. Looking fit means you put in the time to eat clean and healthy, while working out consistently.

If you feel like you could use some extra or last minute tips on how to get your body ready for the summer, then continue on to read exclusive tips from a fitness expert on ways you can achieve your bikini body.

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Tamara Gollan, Level 4 APMA Pilates Instructor from Australia, gave me the full-body toning low-down. Check out her 5 tips:


The best way to achieve a flat stomach is by strengthen your core. “Your deep abdominal muscle wraps around your entire torso, which means you will get a flat stomach and toned curves through your waist,” the owner od Inner Strength Pilates Studio stated. “To engage your core you need to pull your navel back to your spine, get the sides of your waist to pull in towards each other, and lift your pelvic floor muscles at the same time.”


There is no need to contemplate butt implants when you can naturally lift your derriere by working out your glutes. “Strengthening your gluteal muscles will give you an instant butt lift so you look hot in your bikini. Running or walking up stairs or steep hills will tone your butt; try to do at least 100 stairs daily.” While Pilates exercises tones and lifts your butt like no other, simple exercises like squats can get the job done too.


Showing off skin is defiantly in during the summer, sporting shorts and mini dresses the perfect outfits to show a little leg.Gollan recommends swimming, which will tone the legs quickly and will help to decrease cellulite.


While we typically think about washboard abs, long, lean legs, and a booty like Beyonce when getting ready to show off our bikini bodies, we should also make sure we have toned arms. “Weight exercises are best for toning the arms. Focus on strengthening your deltoids, biceps and triceps. Tricep dips are always a favorite, particularly by our female clients.”


No matter how hard we work in the gym, what we cook in the kitchen will reflect how our body will look. “Eating healthy will compliment your exercise to help keep your body fit and toned,” Gollan stated. She recommends starting your day by squeezing fresh lemon into some water to help cleanse your body of any toxins, and also including a freshly squeezed green juice into your diet daily. “Follow an alkaline based diet and make it apart of your lifestyle,” she added.

Make sure if you are dieting and exercising that you don’t lose more than 2-3 pounds a week. Losing more than this will cause the breaking down of muscle tissue. And remember, the best way to get bikini body ready is to pick out and then put on your favorite swimsuit!

tumblr_n5dbsvY5iO1rsd9coo1_500How do you get ready for the summer season?


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