Achieve Goals By Rewarding Your Runs With Swag


Studies show that shopping for workout gear can motivate you to keep running towards your goals. The 2012 study used the term “enclothed cognition” to describe our mental changes when we wear particular clothing. If you walk down the street like a runaway in your little black dress, chances are you feel confident and beautiful, ready to conquer the world. If you run along your favorite route dressed in your new brightly colored workout shorts and running shoes, chances are you will start your run on the right foot, feeling strong and ready to work.

Old Navy
Old Navy

Dressing for your runs makes you feel good about yourself, and showing off your new, toner and leaner body boosts confidence. Like any typical woman, I tend to have shopaholic tendencies. Lately, all I seem to buy is workout clothes. While I sometimes have buyer’s remorse, buying a new running outfit makes me excited to go for my next run and feel good that I am investing in my health and not spending money on things I don’t necessarily need.




Old Navy
Old Navy

Just last weekend, I stopped in Old Navy to pick up my dad some Father’s Day clothes and wound up finding the perfect, lightweight shorts for running—only for $10! So of course I had to get two pairs, one in a bight orange and one in a turquoise and paired then with a two tanks, one reading, “Run, Rest, Repeat.”

I have read that weightlifters in blue gyms can lift heavier weights, green improves vision, and yellow energizes.   Treating yourself to workout clothes, fitness gear, or running swag is a great way to stay on track with your fitness/running goals. Reward yourself after completing a race, setting a new PR, or simply for getting sweaty and making an effort. Getting some running swag always makes me feel ready to get back out there and motivates me to get moving.

PhotoGrid_1403238246151Yesterday, I came home to find my package had arrived from Gone For A Run. I ordered a BibFOLIO, which is the perfect running swag to neatly organize all my race bibs. I was so excited to put it all together, and will write down my times and other info to add on the backside of each bib. This only got my excited to keep adding to my collection—my nest race being tomorrow!

You can choose from the covers the site offers that include running images, quotes, or you can even customize it with your own photo. They BibFOLIO can hold up to 100 bibs, simply order the page protectors and insert your bibs. This album is the best way to save and show off your racing accomplishments!   I don’t run or race s for the swag, but earning medals, T-shirts, or the other cool accessories that I get makes me feel proud about finishing a goal and is there as a reminder of what I can accomplish on days I need that extra boost!

Now I am waiting for my StrideBox to arrive at the beginning of next month. Can’t wait to see what goodies I will get. Stay tuned to read my review. Let the training begin!

Do you feel more motivated when you buy new running gear? What are your thoughts on race swag? Are you racing this weekend?


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  1. This article really rings true! I always feel fantastic in new running clothes! I’ve looked at the Gone for a Run website, nice to see pictures of a Bibfolio in action.

  2. haha i saw that Run Rest Repeat tank in Old Navy this week, actually. i have a whole little dresser just for running clothes — makes me super happy. 🙂

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