100 Ways to Stay Active This Summer


What are your favorites on this list? I would love to go kayaking and horseback riding. 11 more days to my 5K obstacle race!



7 comments on “100 Ways to Stay Active This Summer”

  1. Yoga and paddleboarding are my favs, shocking I know lol but I’d love to try scuba diving and sailing! And you know hopscotch doesn’t sound so bad either 🙂

  2. I want to go paddleboarding as well! I was always nervous that I would fall off, but luckily I have been working on core strength and worse case, you fall into the ocean—no biggy! Awesome choices..who doesn’t love some hopscotch action! =D

  3. Haven’t ridden a horse in FOREVER! It’d be nice to do, but it seems like my hubby is a bit afraid 🙂 I should definitely start doing yoga more frequently. Sailing would be a fantastic idea too!!!! xoxo

    1. I have never went horseback riding and I can’t wait to!! There is a place not too far from me, so hopefully I can get my boyfriend to take me. He might be a bit afraid too!! Sailing sounds so peaceful! Great way to get some sun =)

  4. Awesome list!! I love swimming and yoga!!! So much fun!! I’m going horseback riding this summer, so I’m very excited about that, too!! XOXO!!

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