Life Lessons: “Is It The End of the World?”


Yesterday’s workout made be feel so strong. This made me think about what makes us weak.

After work last night, I hit the gym working out primarily my triceps, a little bicep action, and lower abs. To be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled about running on the treadmill, but stretched and started my sweat sess. Before I knew it, I was feeling so pumped. I alternated incline and speed and was really feeling in the zone. I ran a little over 2 miles and was feeling strong. Although the legs felt like jelly from running the past five days in a row, I met up with my mom (who after her personal training session) was on the stationary bike.

“I will just pedal slowly; I am done,” was the first thought that popped into my head. But I quick squished it and told myself I could do it. I am not weak; I am a warrior. My jelly legs hardened. I could feel—and see—my muscles engaging and pumped my legs. I pushed out 2 miles in 7:37 minutes at level 4.

Once my workout was done, I felt incredibly good. My feel-good hormones were in full effect and I couldn’t help but smile. Nothing could bring my mood down.

The woman on the train this morning was frowning. The Staten Island express train to the ferry had stopped with train traffic ahead, meaning we all would miss the 8 o’clock boat to Manhattan. We would all be late for work.

She complained to her male companion, dressed in nice slacks who sat across from me, slightly embarrassed by her fit. He said nothing. She made a few more comments about how she can’t do this every day as the train pulled into the station. As the riders rose from their seats, a thin woman with that signature Rihanna short hair cut also began to complain. “No one is making the ferry,” a man standing next to her said, only he was calm, cool, and collected.

Still, nothing could break my good mood.

Sometimes shit happens. But it’s all about the attitudes we have that define how we catch life’s curve balls.  We often focus on your physical health—working out consistently and eating healthy—but what about our mental health?

If you are in the negative frame of mind, then everything and anything can seems impossible. “I can’t,” means you WON’T. You become weak.

Learning not to stress over small things is easier said then done. I myself find myself becoming stressed as I commute to and from work, weaving in and out of people to get on the next means of transportation like a typical New Yorker. But what is the rush? Sure we all are running late, but ask yourself, “Is it the end of the world?” All you have to do is send a quick email telling your boss, you are held up 15 minutes. I’m sure they will understand. These things we can’t control. What we can control is how we face them.

Your body might ache, muscles strained and feeling weakened, but how strong is your mind? Is this slight discomfort the end of the world, or can you push through one more mile?

A friend of mine was talking to me yesterday about having a positive attitude and letting things roll off your shoulders. Do you want to carry around an extra load on your back? Save your strength for your workouts and don’t stress it. Sure, there are major things we stress about, but even then, having a positive mindset can go a long way.

Stressed because you can’t find work? A defeatist attitude won’t get you hired on your next interview. Positive thoughts and positive actions can lead to a happier and healthier life. Every time you face a challenge, try to take a second to assess the situation. Is it the end of the world? Probably not. Then, weight your options and make a plan for a positive solution.

If we all just took a deep breath and tried not to stress the small things in life, we all could be happier. Do you want to start your day with negativity? Chances are you will be in a bad mood, less productive, feeling down, stressed (which can cause weight gain), and make poor health choices just to make yourself feeling better (comfort food, smoke, hit happy hour).

Being pissed off over small things isn’t the end of the world. Plus, frowning causes wrinkles! Smile and learn not to let the daily minor annoyances break your spirit. Try training your mind and I’m sure this could lead to a stronger willpower in all aspects of your life.

Happy Friday everyone!


5 comments on “Life Lessons: “Is It The End of the World?””

  1. Another great article, it is amazing how a workout can keep us positive. It is like the exercise and the sweat is ridding the body of all the junk. I will be sharing this on my facebook page.

  2. Happy Friday and sooo true, it is interesting to sit back and listen to the perpetual complaining about stuff that people can’t control. I hear lots of complaining in the swimming pool locker rooms and ugh, sometimes, it drives me crazy, but I just let go in one ear and out the other.
    People work so hard on their physical health but cease to work on their mentality!
    Have a great day!! XOXO!!

    1. Awesome comment, Kristen! I am a firm believer that all negativity does is wear us down! I am the same way, I don’t allow things to both me (most of the time) and prefer to be happy! Enjoy your day because it’s FRIDAY xoxox!

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