Don’t Think, DO


I am 15 days away from my next race—Brooklyn’s 5K Foam Fest. I am really looking forward to this race because it was going to be my last one for a few months. After reaching two awesome goals (first half and Spartan sprint), the original plan was to end “my season” with a really fun race to celebrate the achievements I have made.

But my thought process has changed after knowing that I am capable of achieving so much. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about signing up for another half. I also have been thinking about signing up for another 5 or 10k in August. Signing up for races is the perfect way to be committed. It makes me stick to my goals and continue to work hard.

I love not only the feeling I get from crossing that finish line, but I also enjoy the journey it takes to get there. So after thinking the past 2 days, I decided to stop thinking and just do it. I have learned to be proactive and if I really want something, to stop sitting around and DO something about it.

I browsed through some races that will be happening over the summer (and found a 10k I will most likely sign up for), and learned that Queens will be holding their very first half marathon this September. I lived in Flushing, Queens in my favorite apartment that I shared with my boyfriend in 2012-2013. I absolutely fell in love with the borough. It is the perfect mix of city and residential life. In Kissena Park was where I began seriously running. Although my stay was short-lived, every time I go to Queens I feel at home. I am so happy to be participating in the borough’s first half!

The half will be in Flushing Meadows Park, home to the World’s Fair. The park is beautiful, and besides being a great place to run, there is also a zoo, an art museum, a botanical garden, and the science museum all surrounding it.

I know have a reason to keep working hard and am going to set a goal for 2:25/2:30 for this race (10-15 minutes faster than last time). Although I have been running consistently, I will start my officially training at the end of this month!

What is the next race you are signed up for? Do you think registering for races helps you stay motivated?




6 comments on “Don’t Think, DO”

  1. Yaaay!! You are going to do soooo great and I love your philosophy…Don’t think, DO!! I love it!!
    My next race is a 5k on July 4th and then a couple weeks later I have an aquathlon (run-swim-run)!!
    Have a fun weekend!! XOXO!!! Happy training!!

  2. Thanks Kristin! Can you tell I am sooo excited!! Awesome!! You’re 5k will be here before you know it and you will do awesome like you always do. That is so cool that you are doing an aquathlon. Is it your first one? What is your time usually for a race like that? Hope you have a happy weekend! I am hopefully going to the beach for the first time since last summer tomorrow (after an early morning workout!) xoxoxo

  3. I definitely agree signing up for races is a huge motivator! Race days are so fun, and I am a glutton for “free” tshirts and food 🙂
    I think your half goal is definitely a very achievable one for you! Very best wishes!

    1. Thanks for reading! I love race day too! I wear those free shirts with pride and make sure to help myself to the food (and dancing if it is a funrun!) Thanks for the encouraging words! Enjoy your weekend! =D

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