High-tech t-shirts track men’s health

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Image by OMsignal
Image by OMsignal

Men have a new reason to show off their muscles gym attire thanks to biometric technology. While smart watches and fit bands, which provide vital signs and oxygen levels, have been the fitness lovers go-to gadget, tracking your health is now as easy (and high-tech) as putting on a shirt.

Innovative clothing company, OMsignal, introduced their health and fitness tracking t-shirts that will take fitness tracking to the future on Thursday.

“Exercise physiology research has defined human performance through intricate lab studies, but the technologies researchers use were never available for everyday and the aspiring athlete. You could never bring hospital or lab-type equipment with you on the court or track,” OMsignal CEO and co-founder, Stéphane Marceau stated in the Smartwear’s press release.

OMsignal announced that they currently taking orders for the Biometric Smartware, which has health sensors in the fabric that sends data to a waterproof black box that then signals to a smartphone app.

“The OM app translates the users’ unique bio-signal into personal actionable insights, the press release stated. “The OMsignal shirts can tell you what’s up with your body so you can improve how you manage your health, gain actionable insight and meet your fitness goals.”

Image by OMsignal
Image by OMsignal

The t-shirts monitor heart rate, how much you move, the intensity of your movement, calories burned, your breath, and levels of stress. The shirts also promotes good posture and increase blood flow.

“The sensrs are knitted close to the heart to capture a robust electrocardiogram (ECG) reading, which deliver heart rate (BPM) and heart rate variability (HRV), providing the most accurate method of calculating the number of calories you burn and your physiological stress-level,” the release stated. “Additionally, sensors on the chest measure respiration rate and balance as well as track activity levels through an accelerometer.”

The line includes four types of men’s shirts: an undershirt, sleeveless, casual T, and long-sleeve and are fashionable even to wear before and after your fitness routine. The shirts run sizes small to extra large, with six different colors.

Women’s shirts have not yet been fully developed because of the distinct contours of a woman’s body.

The cost for an individual shirt will run you anywhere between $100 and $140, not including the $140 black box. However, fitness-tech lovers can pre-order the “Up&Running” kit that includes one shirt and the box for $199, the “Regular Routine Kit,” which includes two shirt and box for pre-order price of $269, or the “Fitness Fanatic Kit,” which includes four shirts and box for pre-order price of $359.

The products will be ready to be shipped this summer.


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