Wellness Wednesday

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It can be hard to stay motivated when the mid-week mark hits. We often become busy balancing work, relationships, and fitness regimens throughout the week and may just feel too tired to stick to our goals. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life that makes us happy, remembering why we set out on a particular course.

For me, running brings me happiness. I look forward to the “me” time to think and clear my head, leaving insecurities, fears, and negative vibes crushed beneath my feet. I also look to running for the boost of endorphins, making me feel good in the moment, and even better when I fit into my tighter fitting weekend dresses.
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This morning I set out for a 5:30 a.m. three mile run before work. The stillness that surrounded me brought me peace and I had energy to start my day and keep my brain sharp for my daily work tasks. On my lunch break, I took a few minutes to enjoy the sun along Central Park, feeling happy that spring has finally arrived.

Sometimes we need an extra push during the week to stay on track with our goals. After training so hard over the past month, it felt good to slow down a bit. But then I remembered my goals, how far I have come, and how far I still have to go. Now that I accomplished a major goal (finishing a half-marathon), I decided to focus on smaller goals now. Instead of focusing only on my fitness, I am trying to do at least one thing a week for my wellness.


There are many facets of wellness, nutrition and exercise just being one. We also have to take into account our stress levels, happiness, and mental health.

Try setting small wellness goals each week to accomplish by Wednesdays. These goals can be: meditating for at least one hour by mid-week, running X miles by mid-week, incorporating favorite veggie in at least three meals this week, doing something that makes you happy, etc.

My first goal is to practice yoga at least twice by next Wednesday. Yoga is a great way to relax the mind, and the deep stretches will help me when running. I do dabble in yoga here and there, but never stick with it consistently. I am aiming to get a session in over the weekend and attend a class at my gym on Monday. This allows me to keep thinking about my goals and overall wellness over the next few days, helping me wiser health choices leading up to finishing my goal. Then, next week I will strive for another small goal.

What are your goals this week?



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