Time for Friday


Finally the weekend is only a few hours away! But time often comes to a painstakingly standstill on Friday’s as we anticipate that moment of pure happiness when that clock strikes 5 (or in my case 5:30).

With that said, here is the timetable play by play of a typical Friday.

5:30 a.m.: Your phone alarm goes off and immediately your hand begins to feel around the bed, face still under blankets, to locate and destroy the most annoying sounds your ears have ever heard. Luckily, you detonate this bomb quickly and burry your head under your pillow.

6 a.m.: You have dazed off into another dimension, drooling blissfully when the bells and whistles go off in full-force again. You stop hitting the snooze button and blink uncontrollably in the darkness, trying to figure out who you are, where you are, and why the hell are you up at this time. You come to and remember it is time to train and you lace up your sneakers and get ready for that early morning workout.


7 a.m.: You come back from that run feeling energized and alive, the best way to start off any weekend. You know that today will be a good day. Proud of your accomplishment and feeling fresh, you jump into shower so you can actually be fresh and get ready for work.

7:45 a.m.: This must be the best day of the week because you find the perfect outfit for work and have the extra time to lightly style yourself from head to toe in your “day look.” You grab your fresh smoothie on the way out, putting on your shades as you smile back at the sun.


9 a.m.: No deadlines, annoying phone calls, boring meetings, or even that rude co-worker can bring you down today. You chat it up with your office mates about everyone’s weekend plans and figure you might as well be as productive as you can be now before the day slips away.

11 a.m.: You finished that important task thinking it would take up all afternoon and now you are staring at the clock. Your friends begin to Facebook message you about the plans for tonight, even though it is too early to commit. You drag out the next hour looking at potential restaurants for later, or whether or not there will be epic dance parties. You start to wish naptime was work-adult appropriate.


12:30 p.m.: You eat a salad since you know you have to fit into that perfect party dress, even though you have no idea what you will wear. You realize it took awhile for the afternoon to arrive, but keep yourself entertained for the time being. Lunchtime means your are at the half mark of the work day!

2:00 p.m.: You imaged it being a sprint to the Friday work day finish, but you metaphorical feet are stuck in mud. Your lunch break seems like it was hours ago, and you find yourself browsing Buzzfeed quizzes until you know your dream job, when you will marry, what type of make believe creature you are, and what type of rock you are. You begin to yawn nonstop and have that awful feeling that this day will never end. You take a quiz to see if it will.

sleep gif

3:30p.m.: Your friends begin to make definite plans and you perk up for a few minutes as you think about how epic the night will be. Five minutes pass and you are clenching to your coffee cup, as your half-closed eyes glide across your computer screen in dismay that time has completely stopped.

4:45 p.m. You are so close, but yet so far. You think about how this has been the longest day ever and wonder how you will make it through to the end. All you want to do is order and pizza and curl up to watch Hannibal and weigh the pros and cons of going out and staying in.

5:30p.m.: Just when you have lost all hope, you are out of there! You feel like you are been unchained from the misery of the work-week and are free at last. You bust out of the elevator and run out to the street, almost flinging those important Monday morning docs in the air as your arms extend in victory. You have and immediate energy boost and you rush home.

leave work

6:30-8 p.m.: You spend this time getting in a pre-dinner workout, showering, and getting glam. Your dog looks at you like you are crazy as you dance and sing in full concert form to Beyonce. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like the show because your reflection is satisfied with your imaginary music video. You have to be prepared for tonight, right?

beyonce gif

10-11 p.m.: You get to the restaurant or bar and after one sip of a vodka soda, you suddenly realize how much you miss your bed. The week has taken its toll on you, and you feel ravenous after that workout dance party. You debate eating  a steak even though you don’t eat meat and realize these are desperate times. Appetizers please!

12 a.m.-?: You dance the night away, the upbeat dance remixed music being the only thing that has kept you going.

drop it

You split a cab with your besties and your body aches for you warm bed. You find comfort in the face that you can sleep in tomorrow before your long distance run. You got through the day and ended it with a bang! You close your eyes happily knowing you have two full days ahead of you before your bad case of Mondays.



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  1. Sounds like the perfect Friday. I just recently got out of the 9-5 life and believe it or not, I miss it like crazy. 9 is so late to start a work day. 5 is so early to get off!

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